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    C++ Monster attack player

    Hello, i have bug on ma tfs 1.3 looks like image below. The problem arises when the monster attacks with a spell. The damage is not shown one above the other, but as shown in the picture, it is on the side. Anyone have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks. Code of monster (default)...
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    jaki serwer dedykowany

    czyli na poczatek brać ten 1 ?
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    jaki serwer dedykowany

    ile pociagnie mi osob przy mapie 20mb +/- oraz ile pociagnie ten serwer przy mapie 20mb +/i klient 8.6
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    Kto Doda nowe itemy do klienta?

    zal typa, zobaczcie jakie to dziecko. haha ;d ODRADZAM JAKICH KOLWIEK INTERESOW Z TYM DZIECKIEM TIBIJSKIM !
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    [Poland] Waloria 8.6

    Waloria.net is new OTS making on TFS 0.4 with procotol 8.6. Server working on very popular map - Vanilla/Karmia we sure you remember 8.1 open tibia server's. We Think to edit map with 95% all the map. You Can find in Waloria.net : -like 100 telepors on exprince palaces and quest -...
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    tfs 8.6 source need !

    Hi all i need fast tfs 8.6 source, if any one heve please send me link. thx
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    [Gesior shop]SMS to RL cash/points in shop, daopay.com system

    Hi all i heve one question : 1.If iam 16 yers old i can make account on dotpay.com ( i know i nee 18+) 2.When i make ( iam 16 old) this account i can heve problem with dotpay.com with administrator's?