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  1. riesjuh666

    Problems with gesior aac on OTServBR

    i'm using aac from opentibiabr/gesior-aac (https://github.com/opentibiabr/gesior-aac) on OtservBR-global, everything works fine (creating a account and even log into the client) but when i logout on the website and try to log back in i get an error : The Following Errors Have Occurred: Ocorreu...
  2. riesjuh666

    C++ Problem making new spells

    Hello Otland, I have a problem with creating a spell, i am working on a 7.4 server with costum spells and monster. i added some spells from 8.6 into my 7.4 server when i try to use Ice Strike (exori frigo) i see the sprite but i dont see damage. the monsters due take damage. i already...
  3. riesjuh666

    [NETHERLANDS] DARIAS 7.4 |DDos Protected|Anti-bot Client|- START 27/01/2018

    Welcome to Darias-Online ~*Ip*~: Darias.zapto.org ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 7.4 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Netherlands, 100 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: darias.zapto.org ~*Exp rate*~: Staged ranging from 20x-2x ~*Map*~: Real ~*Loot rate*~: 3x ~*Server type*~: RPG / PvP)...
  4. riesjuh666

    Task Npc

    Hello Otland, is it possible to make a task npc for this server : https://otland.net/threads/7-4-tfs-1-2.245320/ Ive been trying allot of difrent Npc's but none is working, this is what the npc needs to do 1. give tasks, 2. see a task list (like a quest log or something), 3. Have a counter, 4...
  5. riesjuh666

    Upgrade Otland acc

    I want to upgrade my otland account to payed user, but somehow now u need to have a credit card connected to ur paypal account. is there a way to just pay $9 with paypal without having a credit card? Kind regards Ries
  6. riesjuh666

    Darkera Real Map 8.6 [Netherlands]

    Welcome to Darkera we offer you; [+] Lots of updates. [+] Many active staffs who host special events every day. [+] Always watching the forum. [+] Open for new Idea's. [+] Lots of quests. [+] Real map + oken and gengia. [+] Balanced vocations [-] Events will be added [+] Friendly people...