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  1. Nith

    OTClient incresse effect limit OTClient

    Good day. Previously I increased the effects of my server up to 100, everything works fine and without errors, that was several years ago. Today I need to increase to more effects, so I increased the effects on the server up to 170, but they do not come out on the client, and I have forgotten...
  2. Nith

    Lua Damage spell

    good day, Could you help me on this?. I would like the damage to be fixed and not variable. this is supposed to hit 3 damage, but hit up to 15. I have disabled the storages to see where that extra damage is coming from, but I can't find it. I use The Forgotten Server, version 0.3.6 (Crying...
  3. Nith

    Lua Talkactions change

    Good morning, could you tell me how to change this, so that the information of the player who sends the command is seen, and not that of the param? P.D: The Forgotten Server, version 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) if(param == '') then...
  4. Nith

    Lua Storage table

    Good morning! I'm new to scripting. I would like to create a table or list with storages and be able to call the list or table in a lua file in spells. Could you tell me how that would be? TFS 0.3.6
  5. Nith

    Busco un scripter

    Hola! busco un scripter intresado en participar en este proyecto. Es un juego de ROL parecido al Tibia pero solo con magos. Si alguien esta interesado mandeme un mensaje privado al facebook, tambien encontraran mas fotos alli mismo. Aquelarre
  6. Nith


    Hello! someone could be so kind as to recommend some vps company to mount my Pokemon Server? thanks :)
  7. Nith

    Translator - Pkf Pokemon Fantasma

    PKF - Pokemon Fantasma I do not speak English, looking for someone who speaks English and Spanish. Write a message in https://www.facebook.com/PokemonFantasma some pictures of the game more photo and info about this game https://www.facebook.com/PokemonFantasma