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  1. NaturaOT

    Can't install Gesior with OTX Based on 8.6

    Is it even possible to install OTX with Gesior? Right now it just saids "Check server configuration" When i trying to install the page. Gyazo - 95f0f1094c42c9c1d6ecab96d1bb27aa.png
  2. NaturaOT

    [Sweden] [New Custom Evolution] NaturaOT 8.6 Starts 2017-03-22 18.00:CEST

    Ip: Naturaot.eu Port: 7171 Client: 8.6 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France, on a dedicated server. Includes DDOS protection. Website: NaturaOT Map: 90% Custom map. The 10% that are left are popular spawns like: Ap javels, Lion, pengiun spawn. Runes: Infinity runes. (Paralyze runes are on charges and...
  3. NaturaOT

    Scripter War system 0.4 SVN

    Hiring someone who can fix warsystem. Just send me a PM if you are intrested and have the experience.
  4. NaturaOT

    Windows Warmode 0.4 SVN

    Hi! I've having some trouble with warmode. Everything works great until you going to accept the invatation. Here is the error: Attempt to call global 'DoGuildAddEnemy' (a nil value). I have looked around, and everyone is saying the same like, you need to find scources and compile it again...