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  1. Vee

    Version 7.4, what about this?

    That's because I haven't completed any maps in the past, haha. If there's a demand I will create playable content. Until then I will continue messing around :)
  2. Vee

    Version 7.4, what about this?

    May or may not be interesting for you guys. If there's demand for a server with such a map I might create a full map worth playing. I'm just curious. Regards, Vee
  3. Vee

    RL Photo Thread

    Guess I might aswell show my ugly face aswell for the first time in OTland history! And with my precious hat :)
  4. Vee

    RL Photo Thread

    I adore threads like these. My daily dose of fun.
  5. Vee

    Safe Dicer List and Scammers List

    Welcome Shadowcores, As the topic already says, this will be a list with people that you can dice safe with and a list of people that you should not play with. If you may find a dice scammer make sure to send me an in-game message and I will test him out and if he is indeed scamming I will add...
  6. Vee


    Depends on how often the characters get saved.
  7. Vee


    Haha, I bet ;)
  8. Vee


    Guess roleback? :(
  9. Vee

    Sprites inside client

    You can make sure noone will ever be able to read any of your data :P
  10. Vee

    Historia - Tibia 6.4/7.72/8.6 Announcement

    Maybe, maybe not, I have a lot on my mind lately so semi-retired from OT business.
  11. Vee

    Historia - Tibia 6.4/7.72/8.6 Announcement

    DZ, make sure to hit me up on Skype anytime soon.
  12. Vee

    [Sweden] Heloria RPG OldSchool Server 7.72

    Znote AAC? You sure about this?
  13. Vee

    Linux Website Create Account

    Do you have any PHP knowledge?
  14. Vee

    Linux Website Create Account

    Store an extra session/cookie upon creating a new account that saves the date and time of the IP's latest account that has been created. Also, when creating an account make sure to run a check first that checks the data in the session/cookie. If the time is 600000 milliseconds ( = 10 minutes )...
  15. Vee

    Team Huge Project

    Interesting, I've added you on Skype since I want some more details. I'm sure I can be of great use for this project since I once wanted to do the same thing.
  16. Vee

    Thank You Otland, and GOODBYE ! (Damons Goodbye v2: Final and permanent!)

    Sad faith will some day come for all of us. That one day that we decide to leave Open Tibia behind us and move on with our lives. I wish you all the best, Damon, to whatever exciting things, love and new challenges your further life will bring. I believe I speak for the entire community that...
  17. Vee

    WoW great moderatos.

    They did make one mistake; "By ordering a Premium Subscription you agree to these terms". So in fact it is actually a purchase which can be refunded :) Enough said.
  18. Vee

    About tonks..

  19. Vee

    [USA] FreeBra Real map NEW START 2013/02/25! {8.6} IP ADDED

    Will I get a free bra upon registering? Will you also pay for the shipping costs? I want one like the girl in this picture: ( if you consider this as pornography you're mentally insane ) Looking forward to receive my free bra :)
  20. Vee

    [Sweden] [7.1] Oldtimes - A true oldschool server

    Which of the moderators deleted my post? I demand you reveal yourself.