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  1. Pawcio6

    Custom/RPG services [C++/LUA/PHP/GLSL]

    Yo I noticed that custom servers are more popular now a days, so i decided to start my own services to help anyone that want to own their RPG server. I can work on almost anything related to OTS script development. Prices: scripts = { OTC full OTUI/LUA module - 25-50 $ Engine LUA scripts -...
  2. Pawcio6

    Linux linux crash on player save

    Hi I configure debian 8 VPS, site with database works fine but when i compiled my custom 0.3.6 source i had some errors with unused variables and some loop integrate problem but when i check the line it says that this line is wrong for(int8_t i = 0; i <= 13; i++) talkState[i] =...
  3. Pawcio6

    RPG Dragon Ball

    Hi I have worked alone on the non isometric Dragon Ball project for over 2 years and I am slowly approaching to make it official. Server have mostly basic functions done and tested, the only work is to make it prettier and more expanded with map(exp/quest etc). So far I am definitely looking for...
  4. Pawcio6

    onFocusChange help

    Edit: I already solve it was my bad sorry for new thread
  5. Pawcio6

    Get item from closed container

    Hi I want to create custom otclient slots but when i tried get item with this local item = player:getInventoryItem(InventorySlotExtra) skillsWindow:getChildById('itemView'):setItemId(item:getId()) skillsWindow:getChildById('itemView'):setItem(item) local container =...
  6. Pawcio6

    Problem with strange value on storage

    Hi After i added functions with entering table to storage players start getting weird value into storage. I removed all functions becouse i found another way to do a script but the problem is still pops on all kind of scripts with storage but only like 1 on 10000 i dont know what to think about...
  7. Pawcio6

    Random Place player freezing

    Hi I have problem with some random places on map when player get to range of some position he freez with error on terminal : ERROR: invalid encrypted network message at: [C++]: Protocol::xteaDecrypt ERROR: failed to decrypt message at: [C++]: Protocol::internalRecvData Can someone say...
  8. Pawcio6

    Swap items slot position when container

    Hi I wanna to make containers swap like normal items when they have special attribute(that part is done) but i dont know where add swap checking thing. Can someone say where should i look for it? I mean when now is like this : if !isContainer doswapitems then add to it if !isContainer ||...
  9. Pawcio6

    [Poland] Dragon Ball Perfect Beta * CUSTOM *

    ~*ACC MAKER*~: dbperfect.ddns.net ~*Client*~: own otclient ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Website*~: http://dbperfect.xaa.pl/news.php ~*Exp rate*~: 100x ~*Map*~: Custom, Home made. It contains 1 city and some exp planets ~*Loot rate*~: 4x ~*Server type*~: Pvp-Rpg. ~*Skills & Magic rates*~: 5x Skill and 2x...
  10. Pawcio6

    Condition Limit in source

    Hi I have problem with adding new conditions after CONDITION = 1 << 31 in 0.3.6 source. I tried fiew editing but always cant compile it. My condition.h file CONDITION_HUNGRY = 1 << 31, CONDITION_FURYATTRIBUTES = 1 << 32, CONDITION_SPELLCOOLDOWN = 8589934592, and i get error for 1 <<...
  11. Pawcio6

    Help with Magic effect limit

    Hello I work on TFS 0.3.6 and latest otclient.I changed in server side all uint8_t to uint16_t in " addMagicEffect " and " sendMagicEffect " and removed limit with magic_effect_last but still cant view more than 255 . Dont know what should i change here void...
  12. Pawcio6

    Dont drop single slot item

    Hi i tried to make equiped specify item dont drop when die. Used this script http://otland.net/threads/do-not-drop-a-specific-item.149102/ but it make all items dont drop (corpse dont drop). Thinks about move item to specify container on PrepareDeath function but i dont even know how to start...
  13. Pawcio6

    Modyfikacja funkcji onMoveItem

    Siema Mam problem od paru dni z ta funkcja http://otland.net/threads/creatureevent-onmove-very-advanced.134016/ przy tym skrypcie function onMoveItem(cid, item, fromPosition, toPosition, fromItem, toItem, fromGround, toGround, status) if item.itemid == 10148 then if toItem.itemid ~= 9610 then...
  14. Pawcio6

    Solved Check backpack uid

    Hello I have a little problem with this function http://otland.net/threads/creatureevent-onmove-very-advanced.134016/ when i move item from 1st backpack by dropping item on 2nd bp the uid of "toItem" and "fromItem" are same (moveing item and 2nd bp are in 1st bp) When i open 2 bp and move from...
  15. Pawcio6

    Defense modify

    Hi I want to when you turn fightmode to defense this will multiple taking less dmg by armor too, and when 2 monsters attacks you first dmg is less but second is normal.The second thing is to count defense from weapon and shield becouse it work only on 1 item.Last one is change defense to work...
  16. Pawcio6

    Solved How to check storage from rune target

    Hi I have a little problem becouse i dont know how to check storage from rune target in this line if os.time() <= getPlayerStorageValue(RUNE TARGET?,53199) then i try many things like var.pos getcreaturename(var) etc. but every time i get some1 help? sorry for my bad english and thank you :D
  17. Pawcio6

    If 2 players are attacking you set storage

    Hi I have a little problem with teleporting rune.I want to set you cant teleport when 2 or more players attack/target you. I was trying something with onstatschange and statchange_healthloss but i dont know how to check number of players. thanks and sorry for my poor english :S
  18. Pawcio6

    magdefense in vocations.xml

    Hi I have some problem with magdefense="1.0" in vocations.xml becouse i dont know how it works.I test it on spells/runs/wand and whatever i changed it doesnt give anything im using tfs 0.3.6pl1 sorry for my poor english and if i place it in a wrong place than sorry.
  19. Pawcio6

    SecureMode PVP System problem

    Witam Mam problem z tym skryptem http://otland.net/f82/securemode-pvp-system-128600/ a polega on na tym ze gdy probuje zaatakowac wyskakuje sorry not possible (nawet gdy mam wlaczane pvp w cliencie to nie dziala czyli jakby przelaczylo sie na non-pvp)Probowalem jeszcze uzyc mod'a ktory byl...
  20. Pawcio6

    zapisywanie danego lvl na stale w bazie danych

    Witam Mam problem z funkcja(lua) ktora zapisze lvl na ktorym zrobila dana osoba quest i ten level bedzie na stale chodzi mi o to ze gdy wykona quest np na 300 lvl to zapisze to w bazie danych i to nie bedzie sie zmieniac i potem bedzie mozna dodac do modern aac by przy zprawdzaniu danej osoby...