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    Jeff, where the f did you go?

    bro it's a joke calm the fuck down
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    Jeff, where the f did you go?

    help fix", "this doesnt work, how fix?".
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    Kingdom dead

    Good luck with your project! I missread the name and laughed out loud readin Phantomlord.com on a scaam thread Haha, would have convinced less people than phantomold :D
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    Your very first OT-server: what year is it? what was it called? good memories?

    Goobers ot :D It was laagy and quite shit looking back but also quite fun for its time. So many exploits were found there. like summoning a bunch of stuff and staying in PZ and spaam rightclicking people outside would make mobs attack players at some point. kinda crazy. Also spaaming right...
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    Sooo which client version is dominating 2021?

    https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Updates check them out ^^ Many people like 8.6 tho :p
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    Any trending OT? An EVO would be best

    such a trash server :D
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    OTClient1.0 bot

    I got a 1.0 bot that works with looting targetting and whatnot, funniest reply to this comment gets it
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    [Brazil] [Custom / 10.98] NextGen OTServ with Attribute Allocation, Custom Map, RPG and Build Versatility, Everyone is welcome!!

    The server is amazing so far, also mistakes are super costly. If you like hard servers this is the right one for you :) Also seeing those quests around every corner and a new map is nice. i just got to the second big town and everything hurts like a truck so be sure to eighter bring a team with...
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    [CANADA] [CUSTOM / 8.0] Tibia Avatar | October 7th 2021 at 20:00 GMT-3

    I dont understand why you make the effort to translate like 80% of the npc to german but some misses. it really kills it for me :( wish more english support
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    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    Chaos OT is that one server that aged poorly with time XD the concepts were amazing and i spend hundreds of hours on it but nowadays it would be meh and even more meh considering you had to donate for the best set :D
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    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    he does? im thankful, i think he told me he works in a fucking mine i thought he died when the ot went off. i also saaw his youtube channel where he posted some real tibia clips at some poiint :D
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    Idea for New Server

    No one in his right state of mind will Spend months training with his friends to get sword fighting to 80 for a OT anymore i believe
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    [Lua - Questline development] Karim's coding service.

    Hey ! Feel free to answer in DM if you dont wanna answer here since this is quite a bit offtopic, but from my own experience knowing what you can make as a react freelancer = Why do you the work here? I doubt the payment and hustle here for a monh of work isnt even nearly as big as what you'd...
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    Experience stages

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    Experience stages

    Does it work on 0.7 and 0.6? If so, add a maxlevel to the 0.5 multiplier
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    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons Antica | PvP-E Guild Wars | Wings | Auras | Reborns | 20 AUGUST 18:00 CET

    I think some of them played for 16 hours each day since release