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    GFB - DMG

    Hello, when i throw Gfb on a group of monsters they all get the same Dmg. Has anyone Ideas for a solution to make each monster receive random damage from Min, Max? Gyazo : Gyazo (https://gyazo.com/bd4f5912535be20779f58ce736e36b15) local combat = Combat()...
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    Hide Item attributes in TFS 1.2

    Hello, I have a question, is it possible to hide item attributes in TFS 1.2? Now, i have that : 18:10 You see a dwarven armor (Arm:10, protection physical +5%). It weighs 130.00 oz. I need have like that : 18:10 You see a dwarven armor (Arm:10). It weighs 130.00 oz. But I still need the item...
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    Exhaust in manarune that will be taken from ('timeBetweenExActions') TFS 1.2

    I need an exhaust in manarune that will be taken from ('timeBetweenExActions'). TFS 1.2 I need have in config : -- Item Usage timeBetweenActions = 0 timeBetweenExActions = 0 but maybe Its possible to add ('timeBetweenExActions') to lua? for manarune.Lua?.
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    At my Lua Potions. The problem is with os.time which I can't set to 1s. When there is (55555, os. Time () + 0) "1s", the potion often drinks 2 pots at the same time. Someone know how fix it ? local drunk = Condition(CONDITION_DRUNK) drunk:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_TICKS, 60000) local...
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    TFS 1.X+ How do I remove the guess exhausted. And provide a new one StorageValue?

    TFS 1.2 Client 8.0 HELP! How good is it to remove this exhausted : local time_in_seconds = 1 -- in seconds local cooldown_id = 123456 and add this one? if creature:getStorageValue(555551) >= os.time() , creature:setStorageValue(555551, os.time() + 1) I need Fix this...
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    Lua Mana Rune tfs 1.2 +(Spells)

    How to change this script : I wanted these manarune to be used at the same time as "utani hur" exori vis, exori. But not when runes, healing like uh. what should a well-written lua look like? local combat = Combat() if player:getStorageValue(55555) >= os.time() then...