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    PHP SHOP website dont give item HELP

    Hello, im trying to buy items at my website, once I pay with the coins it says that I have to wait 3 minutes to get the item in the game. But I never get the item and when I see the transactions history it shows that the offer is not been realized yet.. ANY HELP PLEASE? I dont use TFS, its OTX
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    Help Admin Panel

    Hello, the reason of this post is that I cant see the list of accounts/players on my admin panel.. It looks like this: Is there a way I can get the list of the accounts? Or players? I would appreciate you help me with this, thanks:)
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    Is Illegal to create an ot on USA?

    Hello! I know there are a bunch of posts talking about illegal or not, ip changer, client, etc. But I would like if this is Illegal to create a server on USA. I have an ot server 12.61 created and I can not open the ports and I called the company of my internet and they told that theres not...