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    Hello!! I need help with a war server revscript tfs 1.3 where the player starts with a level x and with items for each vocation, when the player logs out or dies he goes back to the initial level, with the initial items and with full mana and life.. please i need help for this tank you
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    quest revscript 1.3

    hello i need help for this: local rewards = { [1300] = 8890, [1301] = 8918, [1302] = 8881, [1303] = 8888, [1304] = 8851, [1305] = 8924, [1306] = 8928, [1307] = 8930, [1308] = 8854 } local inquisitionRewards = Action() function...
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    zombie event

    Hello, I'm using this system GlobalEvent - [TFS 1.2] Zombie Arena (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-2-zombie-arena.258250/) tfs 1.3 revscript but the player dies for the zombie (loses loot) and the event does not end, there is no error on the console local ZombieArenaKill =...
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    paste movements in tfs 1.3

    Hello, I'm using the OTServBR-Global 12.x project but I'm not able to find the movements folder. Can anyone tell me how it works now? where can I change the uniqs and action in movements? Thank you very much... https://prnt.sc/v9dio2
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    reset account

    Hello, I wanted help from a script in which if the player logs out of his acc he takes a reset and the account returns to be the sample (all reset, lv, storage, items ... * either log out or die. Thanks ...
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    Convert this spell to TFS 1.3

    i need a spell with two damage for tfs 1.3 please
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    Npc trade forge

    Hello everyone, I need an npc that exchanges 4 elements for one element, for example, id: 7759, id: 7760, id: 7761 and id: 7762 becomes id: 8209 and then id: 8209 + id: 8209+ id : 8209 becomes id: 2390 make 2 exchanges Thank you
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    war otserver

    Hello, someone would have some basics of an otwar server in which players do not need to create account on the server, for example I type 1/1 and that account already has 20 players registered (player 1, player 2, player 3 ..... .) Thank you
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    help in tfs 1.2 upgrad

    hello , I need help , I'm new in server and wanted a help to convert this into tfs 1.2 some can help me ... ?