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    port 7171 help

    Hi. I managed to open port 80 but i cant open port 7171. I try to the sameway but they wont open. Help me trough teamviewer or guide me please! 1638480776 im willing to pay 10 euro to fix this problem just help me bump. 1638483938 Ok so i got the ports open put in otserverlist but no one can...
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    Fatal error: Declaration of Database::query($statement) must be compatible with PDO::query(string $query, ?int $fetchMode = null, mixed ...$fetchMode

    why do i get this error? Fatal error: Declaration of Database::query($statement) must be compatible with PDO::query(string $query, ?int $fetchMode = null, mixed ...$fetchModeArgs) in C:\xampppp\htdocs\classes\database.php on line 194
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    Port opening help

    I need help to open my ports so people can enter my ot. here is a screenshot
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    How do i open my ot to public?

    Hi could someone explain how to open my ot public? i can run in it in localhost and the website account creation is working fine same as character creation. pictures please thanks
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    How do i create a GM in sql database. I have a character

    Hi. Im a old open tibia hoster... now my question is how do i create a gm in sql database by xampp? i tried to change group id didnt work. i dont remember so much because i hosted ots 10 years ago or more
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    [Sweden] Bankai OT 8.6

    Hello, This is a new server that goes after the name Bankai! The word bankai is comming from a manga movie "bleach"! Information about the server --------------------------- -Exp rate 200x -Magic rate 40x -Loot rate 4x -Skill rate 500x -Great spawns -Tons of quests -Events -No GMS (We don't...
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    Where can i find ip change 9.10?

    Where can i find ip change for client 9.10?
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    Need Help with this!

    Hi, I've got a problem with my server. As you know paladin should be able to spam the sd button and still be able to shot with their weapons? but on my server if they spam sd they only shot sds. I need help to fix that. Im using TFS 0.2 With the newest revision. So can someone please help me...
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    [Sweden] Merania Revolution 8.22

    Welcome to the lands of Merania episode 1 - Rise of the undeads! This new update features alot of new things that you never seen before on other servers. This is just the first "Episode" also known as update, we will have plently of updates so you never get bored! UPDATED: 8.22 Items...
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    Need help with my script!

    Hello, I've made a action script for my server but when i use it the client crash. The script is based when u click on a lever you will get teleported and it will take money from you. It's working good but the client crash. You get teleported but the client gets debug. Here is the script. I hope...
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    Convert map 8.1 to 8.22?

    Hi, I got a problem. I want to convert my map from 8.1 to 8.22 but the problem is how do i do it? I tried with rme mapeditor but my map just get bugged every item on the map is like you see item 8234 blabla. Could someone help me? Thank's Btw Im using tfs with the newest source 8.22
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    [Sweden] Merania 8.11 RPG-PVP

    Welcome! The legend of merania is back. We have made much better balance of the vocations. We have made the pvp system alot better! *Story line* A new age of darkness have begun. The new evil king have covered the land of Merania into darkness. Mearnia yearns after new heroes! *Features*...
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    Enchant for weapons?

    Hi i've got a weapon on my server called zeus frost hammer id 7450. Here is the thing i want it to make a little ice area when it hit's/atk. Im using tfs so yeah anny idea how to make it work? Thx
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    Help with my spell

    Hi, I need help with this spell. It's a spell that transform you to a bear for 10minutes and give 100 in fist but it got a problem. When you transform back to normal the fist still stay on 100, and the skills won't go down again so could someone help me? Here is the spell local combat1 =...
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    Request a transform spell

    Hi, Im looking for someone who can help me to make a spell for knights so they can transform to a barbarian blood walker and have all skills highred with 20 in 1minute and it will take all of your mana. I hope someone could help me out. Thank's
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    Health Damage For tags

    Hi, I need help to get health dmg work on tags 0.2 not trunks. I know it's avabile on trunks but on tags there is no showhealthdamage so could someone please help?
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    Compiling Error

    Hi i was compiling the 0.2 tags and i got this error Compiler: Default compiler Building Makefile: "C:\Documents and Settings\Ashe\Skrivbord\SVN\tags\0.2\Makefile.win" Executing make... make.exe -f "C:\Documents and Settings\Ashe\Skrivbord\SVN\tags\0.2\Makefile.win" all g++.exe -c...
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    Problem with frags:S

    Hello, I use tfs 0.2.12! I've got a problem with the unjusts. When player on my server takes 6 unjust they get banned. Do annyone got a idea how to raise so they can take 20 unjust then get banned?