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  1. Levi999x

    TFS 1.X+ How do I add a new channel? Its acting weird prob im dumb

    I have tried to create a new channel and as soon as I try to open it with player:eek:penChannel(9) its not working.. XML: <channel id="9" name="Task" public="0" script="task.lua" /> LUA: function canJoin(player) return player:getAccountType() >= ACCOUNT_TYPE_NORMAL end function...
  2. Levi999x

    AAC How does the active/inactive system work?

    Im using gesior 2012 / tfs 1.5 without 12x client support Currently 3 players are online - 3 is active and 0 is AFK on Forgotten. I can stay for like 5 years afk and it still shows up im active
  3. Levi999x

    Linux connect my vps ip with ovh domain

    Hey im a bit lost :D ubuntu 20.04 I have bought a domain on ovh.com How do I connect it now? Im kinda confused kinda regards
  4. Levi999x

    Solved Show reborn instead of experience ( highscore list )

    Hey I have no really any clue how php works at all so im asking for help :( I want to show up reborn on the experience part ( highscore list ) what exactly do I have to edit to get that result? Im using gesior 2012 and TFS 1.5 ( without the 12.x support ) and I have a reborn function in my...
  5. Levi999x

    Linux Can not connect to the server

    Hi For some reason I can not connect to the server. It says the server is online, website is online, shows even online in website but for some reason I can not connect and I dont really know why do I miss something? used this tutorial...
  6. Levi999x

    TFS 1.X+ players skills are set to default skills like 10 ( sword fight ) after death

    Using latest tfs without the 12x client support not sure what im doing wrong custom datapack
  7. Levi999x

    Searching longterm server

    Im searching a longterm server which does not reset every month It should be a evo ot Im not interested in boring rpg/rl map server It should not be a brasil ot ( if it has english support, its fine )
  8. Levi999x

    C++ enums update item attribute over 31 question

    I don't have any experience with c++ to be honest and I want to avoid getting problems Can I just do it like this? ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_ATTACK_SPEED = 1 << 30, ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_CUSTOM = 1U << 31 ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_TEST = 1 << 32
  9. Levi999x

    TFS 1.X+ trying to get as first split name second split amount but im dumb

    title says everything :D im kinda retarded explain what I want to do: !addreborn playername,amount script: local testa = TalkAction("!addreborn") function testa.onSay(player, words, param) if player:getAccountType() == 6 then local split = param:splitTrimmed(",") if param...
  10. Levi999x

    TFS 1.X+ Is it possible to print [protection all] ( item attribute ) in lua?

    title says everything
  11. Levi999x

    How do I make a mana check in lua?

    Hello it seems like im hella confused. How do I make a mana check in lua? local maxMana = player:getMaxMana() / 100 -- percent if maxMana < 40 then -- percent aswell player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "Not enough mana.") else print('mana exists') end
  12. Levi999x

    AAC Searching for a old layout, im not sure how its called

    Im searching for a layout which was mostly only blue and had a picture of lord of the rings or something Prob created somewhere in 2010 kind regards
  13. Levi999x

    OvH is down :D

    OvH is down so if some well known server is offline, u know why :D 1634111183 nvm back online :D
  14. Levi999x

    TFS 1.X+ blessing script error - C++ exception

    Lua Script Error: [TalkAction Interface] data/talkactions/scripts/bless.lua:onSay C++ exception function onSay(cid) local player = Player(cid) local totalBlessPrice = 100000 for i = 1, 5 do if player:hasBlessing(i) then player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE...
  15. Levi999x

    Low vps from ovh, can I use it?

    Would this be enough for 20-30 players? Map size around 25mb
  16. Levi999x

    TFS 1.X+ does not send effect to position

    for some reason it does not send the teleport effect as it should, feel free to let me know what I did wrong local rebornToPass = MoveEvent() rebornToPass:type("stepin") local config = { [52501] = { reborn = 5, des = "you must be atleast reborn 5 to access." }, [52502] = { reborn = 10...
  17. Levi999x

    Feature [1.x] Buy house with gold ingot as example

    Since I couldn't really find a thread about it I just release it to avoid people creating 100 threads about it xD house.cpp line 124: it->setSpecialDescription(fmt::format("It belongs to house '{:s}'. {:s} owns this house.{:s}", houseName, (owner != 0) ? ownerName : "Nobody"...
  18. Levi999x

    C++ Searching for a working RME which supports LIVE Mapping

    As the title says im searching for a working rme which supports client version 10.98 and live mapping.. Seems like on newer RME versions its not working. 3.0++ on older RME like 2.1 its working
  19. Levi999x

    Revscript question

    If I create a script which has 3x times a action script as example can I always use the same name for it or im supposed to create unique names for them?
  20. Levi999x

    Do you prefer option 1 or 2?

    hi 1. Do u prefer good looking copied maps? 2. Do u prefer ugly maps but selfmade?