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  1. Magikern Tim


    epic reset prank gone wrong (in the hood)
  2. Magikern Tim

    Application for Tutor position in LunarForce by: Yoloswagger

    u scammed me aswell 1 year ago but i lost all the proof and it doesnt even matter cause all the new ots killed shadowcores.
  3. Magikern Tim


    scammer :) dont trust
  4. Magikern Tim

    sign up here

    hahaha wow retard alert watch out new mounts and addons will bring new players to shadowcores? cant believe just reset and get this lvl 50 to rookgard again
  5. Magikern Tim


    how many pictures u got?
  6. Magikern Tim

    Amarande's lifethread!

    go fuck yourself
  7. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    no monkey sory ;$
  8. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    haha you keep talking about sms kids but you do know its free points on noobwar right? we got 200 points each cuz the server crashed 2x and you can do missions to get points so none of us donated? xD haha anyway it starts in 2 days so we'll see u joker hahhauheauhea
  9. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    hhaha you wanna kick us off karamy? xD gajs just send wm invite when it starts and we'll see hahha also if you could gimme ur name on shadows :D
  10. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    hahahah gajssssss he wanted to war us on noobwar we killed his team once and he left the guild xD gajs kurwa charlove on war ot cant belieffffff
  11. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    gajs ???? we dont need u kurwa hHaehaoeaea KARAMY-WAR.COM RELOAD IN 3 DAYS GUYSSSSSSSSSSS
  12. Magikern Tim

    buying csgo skins

  13. Magikern Tim

    Free giveaway!

    ge inte till shaun jones han är bög
  14. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    we still have noob mages and 1 400 ek so random pk confirmed xDD
  15. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    gajs sory no email from twifysoft so inferna reload koaskapska new vid incoming cya ingame
  16. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    do you understand english or no u fucking retard I've written like 10 times we cant transfer because we dont know emails r u disabled?
  17. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    forgot email for 380ek znam hahahaha GAJSSSSSSSS
  18. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    Caps lock stuck? haha
  19. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    deathfire grasp dedek since 2014 rip
  20. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    hahaha gajs XD forgot email for my char we waiting for twify support then transfer ;X