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    Naruto-based sprites

    Nice bro! Do you plan to leave some sprites free?
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    Winter Update

    Nice maps
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    Lucas Sprites

    Thank you!! I'm starting from scratch. My sprites are simple, because I do not have much practice for this kk Edit: I tried to create an outfit:
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    Lucas Sprites

    I'm starting now, this sword is one of my first drawings. You can use it if you want. Suggestions to improve my perfomance? Note: I'm not a professional Note2: Sorry for english, I'm using google translate
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    Error Database

    The message says that the column does not exist: prey_stamina_1 Use this to correct: ALTER TABLE `players` ADD COLUMN `prey_stamina_1` int(10) DEFAULT 0;
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    Protocol Version 1101

    Has there been a change in items.otb or only in connection?
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    Lua Slot System script, players cannot login.

    local conditionMP,conditionHP,conditionML,conditionCLUB,conditionSHI,conditionDIST,conditionAMP = {},{},{},{},{},{},{} for i=1,300 do conditionHP[i] = createConditionObject(CONDITION_ATTRIBUTES) setConditionParam(conditionHP[i], CONDITION_PARAM_SUBID, 50)...
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    doPlayerSetStorageValue TFS1.2 problem

    rewrite function onUse(cid, item, fromPos, itemEx, toPos) for function onUse(cid, item, fromPos, itemEx, toPos) local player = Player(cid) this doPlayerSetStorageValue(cid, outfity[i].uniqueid, 1) for player:setStorageValue( outfity[i].uniqueid, 1 ) Or create this function...
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    error in console

    Do the same to the deaths, now switches to frags.
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    error in console

    The error occurs because there is no 'deaths' column in the 'players' table. To solve this run this query in phpMyAdmin: ALTER TABLE players ADD COLUMN deaths int(11) DEFAULT 0; Sorry for my English, I'm using google translate.
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    Most dmg in monsters X,Y TFS 1.2

    Change local monster = target:getMonster()" for local monster = creature:getMonster()"
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    Tibia 11 Discussion(+Tutorial how to able to use it)

    A small update for users of PHP 7:
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    Bomberman Event TFS 1.x

    My bomberman TFS 1.0: It is 95% ready. Lack saw very few details.
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    Lua Lua/MySQL Error in Server when Loading and Logging in

    To fix login: To fix SQL error, run it on the reference date: ALTER TABLE `players` ADD `broadcasting` INT(11) DEFAULT 0; And function getOnlinePlayers does not exist.
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    Counting msges on channels

    You can create a table in the database like this: CREATE TABLE `channel_message` ( `channel_id` smallint(2) not null, `count` int(11), primary key (`channel_id`) ); In global.lua adds this: function getChannelMessageCount(Channel_id) local count = db.storeQuery("SELECT `count`...
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    Lua Tin lizzard, uniwheel taming.

    Can show your script taming?
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    Windows Monster outfit lever tfs 1.1

    Folder actions / scripts create a file.lua like this: local config = { outfit = {123,111,122}, -- list monster outfit coins = 2160, -- id coin cust = 25 -- amount cust } function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if...