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  1. Slavi Dodo

    OTU - OpenTibiaUnity - A new TibiaClient based on Unity3D engine

    Hello there! Probably you have heard already of the ongoing development of a unity-based client.. I'll go straightforward with the topics related to this thread.. Screenshots are viewable in Imgur: OpenTibiaUnity 1.2a Screenshots! Please support me with patreon! Slavi is creating...
  2. Slavi Dodo

    How to post a support thread ?!

    Let's make it clear on posting support thread Before reading on, Googling is the key to finding anything: 1. You should google for references to a programming language (there are a lot of results) 2. Use the support thread only for OpenTibia related issues. 3. If you are looking for a function...
  3. Slavi Dodo

    Addition to support rules / Message to the admins

    I wrote this as a support thread because it's related to support and is not really a discussion thread. For those people that are continually posting about things that have been discussed the last 20 years.. Please avoid asking about tutorials before googling them for at least 2 minutes. I...
  4. Slavi Dodo

    Converting .dat, .spr to a sprite atlas.

    The project is there slavidodo/opentibiaunity-datspr-converter NOTE: This is not compaitable with tibia 11, this is intended to be used in OTClient or UnityTibia.. Feel free to tweak it for faster processing.. PS: Since nobody has released the unity tibia so far (And i don't see any reason) I...
  5. Slavi Dodo

    OtClient Decryption

    Since I received a lot of private messages (either skype or OtLand) about decryption of OTClient.. OtClient uses physfs lib, there is a simple efficient way to decypt your files.. I will not provide steps nor code but the concept: As of PhysicsFS 3.0.0 v, You can use a password-protected ZIP...
  6. Slavi Dodo

    Programmer Offering programming job

    [Thread is available now, sorry for the long absence and people that i delayed! -- Thread state is now ON, i will be available for jobs until the 1st of march! 5hrs/day] Last Update: 7:50 1/6/2018 CEST Hello! I'm offering to do some jobs from now until the first of October. I accept easy...
  7. Slavi Dodo

    *Fortissimum* Engine Features.

    A long time ago, we started developing a real map server, we are nearly done, so that we want to show some upcoming features, and we want to take your opinions about the features. The engine is modified, performed TFS 1.2, a lot of things are reworked, and moved to lua via modules. We plan soon...
  8. Slavi Dodo

    Expert PvP - Beta Release

    Well, Code still needs a lot of enchantments, so compiling in linux may result in some problems! Please report back any issues in compiling, give feedback and as well make pull requests if you see errors. The Repo can be found here
  9. Slavi Dodo

    Starting with PHP. ( From Newbie to Pre-Advanced )

    First of all if you need information of PHP, read the basics. Some tips if you faced problems. -- Check the manual of PHP -- If you didn't solve, make support thread here in otland. -- If didn't get help at all, ask stackoverflow After this tutorial, you will be able to write codes related to...
  10. Slavi Dodo

    TFS Update to 10.8x, 10.9x series, adding missing features

    [Deprecated] [Thread Last Update : 05-13-2016, 12:56 AM CEST] -- Contributing to release TFS 1.2 finally! Why am I making this discussion ? - To see what are missing features from 10.7x, 10.8x series as well 10.9x series. Don't reply to this discussion with (+1) or (agree), replies should...
  11. Slavi Dodo

    Lua Adding Exactly 1 skill level

    Someone here has idea on how to do a such thing? Tfs 1.2
  12. Slavi Dodo

    Why do restarting the machine fixes everything?

    Hell :P! I need to understand that, just reloading fixes ? :D
  13. Slavi Dodo

    Linux Opening port 7173.

    As title says, and also check if port is opened. By the way OVH host.
  14. Slavi Dodo

    Compiling [Sources] White Message on custom channels

    Hello, I have made a channel, actually cast channel. How can I send white message on this channel? As far as I know there is much difference between TalkTypes and MessagesClasses. sendChannelMessage("[Cast System]", text, TALKTYPE_CHANNEL_R1, CHANNEL_CAST); This is how I send messages to the...
  15. Slavi Dodo

    [Test] In need of ppl to test.

    Hello, I want some people (in range of 4 - 6) to help me testing a new arena system. @WORKING GREAT, Thanks for all Red color means not tested. Green color means tested. What am going to test? Automatic guild arena. Automatic party arena. Monsters arena. What is the actual test? Bug free...
  16. Slavi Dodo

    Looking for official cheap windows host.

    I want to host my server, i want a cheap one. Hope someone helps.
  17. Slavi Dodo

    Lua If player is standing on safe tile.

    Like what title says.
  18. Slavi Dodo

    Lua Get Sql raw count.

    I want to get the raw count of a table. I use this to get raw count. local query = db.storeQuery('SELECT COUNT(id) FROM ld_sql.players;') local num = result.getDataInt('COUNT(id)', query) return num But it's not working.
  19. Slavi Dodo

    Where should I sell something? [ Not opened for further replies ]

    As title says, where should i make a thread to sell something? --- Selling isn't allowed here as Mark says. Too much apologies.
  20. Slavi Dodo

    Spell [Tfs-1.x+] Infection_Spell.

    This spell is based on. [ Side-Note ] This is my first gif image :D Freez System*: but it's better to do that. 1-- make a custom monster with a name different than show-able name then make it summonable. 2-- create a...