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    Compiling [YACT] Yet Another Compilation Thread..

    Hey folks! I'm currently struggling around on a Debian 8 box (tried Debian 9 and Ubuntu 14.04 too) to get a TFS 0.4-r3884 working. Autogen and configure go as expected, however the build throws some weird error I cannot wrap my head around (3rd pastebin). I've tried everything on the forums...
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    Small questionnaire - What do you want?

    Hey, This questionnaire has been made to make a clear view in what players want to see within a server. The questionnaire has been made in Google Docs, just to make it simple. I would love to see the answers according to the questions, the results will soon be given within this topic...
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    Programmer Looking for some work

    Hey! My name is Jordi and I want to offer my webdevelopment services for both OT and non OT-related websites. What do I do? Basicly, I just create what you want to have. I make use of different languages as listed below. HTML/CSS PHP (Proc and OOP) MySQL/MsSQL Javascript jQuery Why using my...
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    Server completely frozen when casting spells

    Heya there. Currently working on a custom map, walking around and trying all the spots that i've mapped. The only problem is, when I try any spell (exana pox, utani hur up/down) my server will completely freeze. All the house-spells are working, combat spells somehow now. I am currently using...
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    what huntingspots in your opinion?

    Ofcourse, sone huntingspots are a must within a good otserver. I was just wondering what monsters are really required in your opinion. Try to think about spawns you barely see in other servers. The level range is from 20 to 120 - go ahead! Webtimize (Written on smartphone)
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    PHP Serverstatus not updating

    Hello everyone, I'm currently working with a serverstatus script found on OTLand, but it's not working propperly.Even while the server is online, it keeps saying that it isn't. The fun part is, when I restart the server and refresh the page, it'll say that the server is online.When pressing F5...
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    Template menubar feedback?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a template for my server. What do you guys (and girls?) think of my main-menubar? Your feedback is very welcome. Thanks,
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    Lua No damage to same looklegs?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a War server with fixed characterlists. It will be four colours fighting against eachother. Inside the config.lua (TFS 0.3.6 v8 GUI / Windows), there is a var called "noDamageToSameLookfeet". It is very obvious what is does. The problem is that all the...
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    Getting current pos from client

    Hey! I was just wondering, is there anyway to get the current position from the client to another program running on the client machine? Or is there a way to intercept the positions while its being send to the server, and redirect it back to the program and server? Thanks! (:
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    Let there be life

    Zijn er nog levende mensen, die frequent op OTLand zitten?
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    Simple premium npc

    Hey otland! I'm requesting a NPC. When you give x item you recieve x premium days. 30 fern = 6 premdays 25 bloodherb = 10 premdays The name should be "Ashish" and i'll change the looktype myself. Dialogue; I hope someone is willing to make something like this for me. Thanks!
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    Solved cryingdamson 8.6 by Cyko won't start

    Hey! I've done some OT stuff in the past, but i wanted to start again. Tried to configure my server like i did before but it did not work anymore. The problem is that my TFS 0.3.6 by cyko is not starting propperly, and it shuts down after trying to create the database connection/loading items...
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    Someone registered my server

    Hello! I am hosting 2 opentibia servers. When one server was offline cuz we moved it to another port, someone made a page with the 7171 port which was not used by that server anymore. Now i want to register the second server on 7171, but that one is already taken on my IP, but not by my...
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    Picklocking doesnt work

    Hey peeps, I tried to implement the picklocking script by xprimex, but its not working. I've edited it a bit, so it would be working with an unique ID, but i am 0.001% skilled in LUA.. The door is suppose to be item id 6257, the stake is 5941 and the unique ID of the door is 8991. When i...
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    Webtimize's small piece

    Hey peeps, Just wanted to show of 2 small images of my non-purpose cave(, maybe you guys got ideas?!) Surface; Underground; Help me to improve my mappings, and give me a hand full of tips please (: Yours,
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    [CleverPage] V2 with status/uptime/onliners

    Hello People, Here is version 2 of my CleverPage (Previously called OtCleverPage) earlier released by Spetlex (double account of mine, sorry, didnt notice that.) People can use this when they are not using any account management system, just for spreading information to their players...