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    Battlefield 1

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    Can I run Tibia through a proxy?

    Long story short.. I'm 99% sure I'm not able to play a certain Tibia server due to where I live. It's weird because I've never encountered this problem in all my years of playing OTs. I want to know if it's possible to run a Tibia Client through a proxy/vpn. If it is possible can someone...
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    Whi World Adventure Thread.

    I've been pretty bored recently so I decided to give Whi World a shot. I played it once it first came out, but back then it didn't have much. @whitevo seems to be working hard and updating constantly so I thought I'd try it out and give him the feedback he deserves. Despite the server being too...
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    Welcome to UNDERTALE. In this RPG, you control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out... or stay trapped forever. This game is such a troll but it's still awesome.
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    Need help with a question written in Polish

    Trying to sign for for a Polish tibia server but the security question is in Polish. I tried putting it through google translate but the translate is weird and still doesn't make sense. Here's the question: Trzy dodać trzy razy trzy równa się (słownie)? In English it translates too: Three add...
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    Fallout 4 Offical Trailer!

    sefkljagdfgkladflgadfg I'm so excited. The fallout series is my favorite single player game. I've been waiting SOOO long and they have finally released a trailer!:D
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    otclient can't load or save settins/maps

    I was playing perferctly fine yeserday. I log in the next day and my whole map is erased as well as my hotkeys. I have no idea whats wrong :( I tried reinstalling everything and it still doesn't work. I'm not even able to type in game either, it's pissing me off.
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    Best prank I've seen!

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    Just watch the video and post what you think of it.
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    Diamond V Ranked 3v3's -- Road to Challenger Sream!

    sigilance Title explains it all if anyone is interested come and watch how it's done! (fyi I'm saldat)
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    Champion Spotlight: Phreak, the Tons of Damage Dealer

    Tons of damage hehe
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    HotshotGG leaves CLG :o

    HotshotGG is leaving CLG because he is having to much stress and such, watch the video if you wanna know more!
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    The Elder Scrolls Online!

    Yes, it's just what it sounds like, an online elder scrolls!! Here is a great video where they discuss many things about the game as well as game play. It's planned to be released around spring 2014.
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    League of Legends trolled me.

    So since there's been no good tibia server I've been vigorously playing league of legends. I have been trying to get plat. I'm sure most of you know how the ranking system works now you gotta get 100 points then win the 2/3 games to get to the next division. Well I'm in gold 1 and I've been...
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    Custom Project---Discussion!

    Hello fellow otlander's. This will most likely be a high-mid-low RPG with PVP. As of right now this team consists of Qaushinio, Blink, and me. We are going to develop a custom server. Qaushinio and Blink have been playing ot's since around the early 2000's, and I started to play around 2005 or...
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    Which one should I try to learn?

    I've been very bored waiting for necronia to come out and I'm tired of looking for servers. I decided that in the meantime I might as well do something to pass the time, perhaps start to slowly work on a server and I can't decide if I should try scripting, mapping, or spriting. It would be nice...
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    Harlem Shake!

    I'm not sure if many of you have seen, but a few days ago some people make a video called Harlem Shake, this is becoming more popular each day and it never gets boring. Here is the original video but since it's so popular people have made tons and tons of re-makes and there are ones better...
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    This must of took a long long time!

    I'm sure most of you know the song Gangnam Style, this video is someone who made a flip-book of the whole song! This isn't the actually video, the real video doesn't have any music, what you're supposed to do is open a new tab and play them at the same time, but I figured this would be...
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    Planetside 2!

    Its just came out, It looks very awesome and I'll most likely get it. This is an online mmorpg fps game. You have map with 2000 people, and around 3 teams of 660 and you fight each other, you have objectives, etc... overall it looks super cool. Here's the trailer...
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    Master troll

    Only in russia <_<