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  1. Mustafa1337

    Full server scripts from 0.3.7 to 1.3

    Is it possible to change the full script system and old LUA functions/scripts to new LUA functions/scripts from 0.3.7/0.4 to 1.3 in a full Real map data pack 8.60? How much would it cost? reply here or PM me if you are interested or just say if it isn't possible and would take ages.
  2. Mustafa1337

    Real map datapack 8.60

    I am looking for original real map datapack 8.60 without any edits. I have searched for quite long time and all the real maps I found are outdated, full of bugs, missing areas, missing quests/npcs/monsters, not even close to real tibia spell formulas or fully modified. I am just looking for a...
  3. Mustafa1337

    OTC allows normal bots?

    Is it possible to compile OTC for 8.60 to allow normal bots? Elf/Mage and maybe Blackd Proxy? So players can get both benefits custom spirits/normal bots and faster/upgraded client. I know that OTC already got built-in dash and some OTLand members already posted few bots also I know players can...
  4. Mustafa1337

    OTClient DX9

    Can I compile OTClient with latest compile tutorial vcpk/vs17 and get DirectX9 working? Because I am so stuck with vs15 and can't even get it compiled been trying for hours.
  5. Mustafa1337

    What makes a real map different from others or better than others?!

    I am not a heavy real map player, I only played 2-3 real map servers since I started Tibia but when I started to work on my own server I thought a lot and I decided that I need to create a real map server because I am a (shit mapper) I can't even map a temple that looks good, so I started...
  6. Mustafa1337

    OTC Compile

    I am trying to compile OTC using latest tutorial vcpkg compile. I already have vcpkg/visual studio 2017 and I been compiling TFS 1.3 many times without any errors. but when I try to compile OTC I get 100's of errors/missing files. since I have vcpkg folder already so I just installed 64-bit...
  7. Mustafa1337

    Map dimensions

    If I have a real map server which is 65000x65000 dimensions the biggest possible size, Would that cause lag in the future even if most of floors are empty/black/void space? Because I am worried that if I reduced map dimensions I might lose important parts of the map by mistake and also worried...
  8. Mustafa1337

    Lua Weird Exura Sio [TFS 1.3]

    When I use this script it looks like this and it doesn't heal friend or heal myself. local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, 0)...
  9. Mustafa1337

    Windows Item editor

    Anyone knows how to fix this error? I tried to download many 8.6 client and all Items.otb editor versions but I couldn't solve it yet. When I try other server OTB version I get other error. No matter how many items.otb/servers/clients I browse it still gets same errors.
  10. Mustafa1337


    Is there anyway to update items.otb without the map gets fucked up? I am updating Thunderion real map to TFS 1.3 but I think there are a lot of missing items and otb isn't the same as the one on RME map editor. When I put items.otb from RME map editor or TFS 1.3 items.otb the map turns into full...
  11. Mustafa1337


    I have been trying to learn Lua/C++ from scratch and I have been viewing many Google/YouTube/OTLand links about that. but I feel like I am getting very slightly better maybe because I view many random tutorials/explanations. So can someone just point me where to exactly learn? Not just random...
  12. Mustafa1337

    Premium Support

    I made a thread on premium support when I was premium, Is there any way I can view it without being premium? or I will have to wait until I donate premium back? If it is possible to move it to normal support would be great. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, just move it if...
  13. Mustafa1337

    TFS 1.X+ TFS [1.3] Functions location?

    Most of times when I am changing a script or editing one from old sources to TFS 0.4 I am stuck because I don't know most of "Functions/Classes/Creaturescripts Types/Attributes/Globalevent Types and so on" So can someone please tell me where can I find them in TFS 1.3? So I don't have to search...
  14. Mustafa1337

    TFS 1.X+ God outftit

    Where are the God/GM outfits located in TFS 1.3? When I login it is set to "75" by default, I have tried to add at the end of group line but didn't work, Also tutor is using more than the normal commands, I always set player group same as account type, like for "Administrator" I set group "6"...
  15. Mustafa1337

    Is it down?

    I can connect to every website but since morning I am unable to access otservlist, Is it only me?!
  16. Mustafa1337

    Lua Missing function

    I am changing scripts from 0.4 to 1.3 but I am stuck here Function doesn't exist on 1.3 and I can't find properly working script for 1.3.
  17. Mustafa1337

    Marlboro War (Thais)

    I know there is already one thread about that but it is dead or not active since years. Popular revamapped Thais war called (Marlboro-war) for everyone to edit or fix a war server using it.
  18. Mustafa1337

    C++ [Windows] Free compiling service [TFS 1.3] [TFS 0.4]

    I have free time and I am really bored, so I will try to be helpful with what I can do. I will help any one compiling his TFS 0.4 or 1.3 by explaining/fixing compile errors or by Teamviewer Just comment here your errors/TFS version and I will try to help as much as I can. I am new member but...
  19. Mustafa1337

    TFS 0.4 3777 to TFS 1.3 [8.60]

    I am changing full custom real server datapack from TFS 0.4 3777 to TFS 1.3, I do that one script by one script since days so I was wondering if there are any easier/faster ways/ideas to do it because doing it one by one will take up to months. or if there is already released real server...
  20. Mustafa1337

    TFS 1.X+ Compiling TFS 1.3 [Windows]

    I am trying to install setup vcpkg but every time I try .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat I get this error C:\Windows\System32\vcpkg\scripts\bootstrap.ps1 : Building vcpkg.exe failed. Please ensure you have installed Visual Studio with the Desktop C++ workload and the Windows SDK for Desktop C++. At line:1...