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  1. Night Wolf

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] Upgrade System

    The ultimate attribute system we had here on otland re-loaded every config every 1 or 2 seconds. Yours reload every config each time an item with attributes is moved. Both are really bad in terms of performance, with yours potentially being way less safer since you thrown away any chance of...
  2. Night Wolf

    TFS 1.X+ Documentation question

    cid, pid, uid: they all mean uniqueids. "cid" stands for "creature id" while pid stands for "player id" but they are all just a reference for the unique id number of the item/creature. combat: a reference for the combat you have created param (or var): a reference for a table containing all...
  3. Night Wolf

    [Showcase] New modifications (OTClient + TFS)

    you really remind myself back in the day I still cared about about the community. I didn't had any server so everything I did, I posted. Keep up the great work.
  4. Night Wolf

    Game 3D simmilar to Tibia, what do you think about it :) ?

    I did this in my first year of college, perhaps it could help you to set the weapons in the hand of characters to look more realistic:
  5. Night Wolf

    TFS 1.X+ Prevent moving spawned chest

    take note that toPosition.x represents not container position but rather slots of player, I don't know why it uses this name though
  6. Night Wolf

    TFS 1.X+ Prevent moving spawned chest

    not necessarily, in my server I did the exact same thing using onMoveItem event. I just set actionid 64001 and then check if thing is item and has actionid 64001. If so, we return false to the movement.
  7. Night Wolf

    TFS 1.X+ Prevent moving spawned chest

    why onMove does not work?
  8. Night Wolf

    [France] Catalysium - Beta [10.97-10.98] Custom Server - OFFLINE

    Hello @Printer, I'm a CC undergraduate and I was hoping you could let me at least see the approach you have used in some of the mentioned systems (actually 2) Automatic onLoot System (by just click once on the corpse) Abilities (light, cut, rock smash, dig, flash, teleport, control mind) I...
  9. Night Wolf

    Tibia Live - Open Tibia Server List [work in progress]

    for some reason my test server is showing the ip instead of website dns. Is this because you have deleted the duplicate (dns one)?
  10. Night Wolf

    Boss that whipes out the entire army (character delete)

    Many people saying OP is retarded but with slight modifications this can be a great system. 1- Instead of deleting the character, mark him as "Killed" in DB and change login systems in source to doesn't allow to login in killed characters. 2- Make a option when you create your character if you...
  11. Night Wolf

    Optimizing TFS Pathfinding
  12. Night Wolf

    Will he be launching any ot soon?

    Well, I'll write you a little history (my history) to explain why the community isn't the problem. I've been developing for otservers since I was 12 (2007), this means I've spent more time developing for Tibia than I had lived when I started. This brings the kind of arrogance you can easily...
  13. Night Wolf

    Will he be launching any ot soon?

    what do you mean by retarded community? The public of the server?
  14. Night Wolf

    [Showcase] New modifications (OTClient + TFS)

    Don't take it so personal, I'm just saying you should not ignore the problems OTC have because I have done it myself. A few months ago I've deleted my entire client because I put so much energy on it and still couldn't use it on my server. Players complained a lot of the lights and other known...
  15. Night Wolf

    [Showcase] New modifications (OTClient + TFS)

    far from me try to diminish a good job, but have you fixed core problems of OTC before working on such modifications? OTC brings many possibilities but without the core being stable (walking animation + fps drops + opengl drawing problems + problematic lights), you should always consider that...
  16. Night Wolf

    Feature [TFS 1.3] Monster Levels

    why are guys arguing about a system that exists since 2015 in a brazillian forum?
  17. Night Wolf

    Looking for people!

    not sure if you are interested but I'm basically looking for someone that play an otserver I'm developing with me (from the scratch, multiple times) and talk to me. (We would basically be talking 24/7 about ideas and feedbacks, and we would be playing together to test multiple things in the...
  18. Night Wolf

    What makes an OTS good nowadays?

    Many people tend to make something unique and custom from the start. The best and most crowded servers are the ones that started very similar to tibia global and did updates to guide their public towards what they imagined. This is great because you do changes over time and soften the effect of...
  19. Night Wolf

    What makes an OTS good nowadays?

    You can guide what people want, but there are many limitations to it. Let's say the core of tibia players want X but you like servers that are Y. Assuming X < Y, each change you make in X to make a little closer to Y makes you distant a little from X. Sometimes you have to change your Y instead...