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  1. grilo13

    Jogar ot no mac

    Primeiro tu tem q falar a versão que quer, aí dá pra pensar numa pesquisa e achar a resposta. Ou joga o global mesmo, que até onde...
  2. grilo13

    AAC Znote Access dont show morę vocations

    Show an DataBase example. It should just work fine, I tried a few months ago with my custom vocations if I'm not mistaken.
  3. grilo13

    would u like to play in tibia thats not pay2win ?

    If u can get something just by money IRL = p2w If u can get something after days or weeks farming =/= p2w Just keep that in mind. And xp boost is just p2w in games with unlimited lvls, like Tibia.
  4. grilo13

    Bonus with set pieces

    Hey there. I was thinking in a system like tons of games have, like: if 1 Golden Piece == null if 2 == +5% protection if 3 == +5% damage if 4 >= +5%HP/MANA (just an example, ofc) Is it possible with lua only or I will need to edit sources? Can someone give me a hand? latest TFS from github...
  5. grilo13

    Search 8.6 Baiak Server

  6. grilo13

    Search 8.6 Baiak Server

    You can download any baiak and convert to TFS 1.2 yourself. It's not that hard :) Your welcome and good luck.
  7. grilo13

    TFS 0.X TFS vs OTServ - Tibia 8.6 Stable engine?

    Just google it :p Good choice btw
  8. grilo13

    TFS 0.X TFS vs OTServ - Tibia 8.6 Stable engine?

    TFS 0.4 is the most stable one for 8.6, but it's really old. The only alternative I guess is OTX. Is easier to find TFS 1.2 nowadays then 0.4, don't you think?
  9. grilo13

    Custom client 8.0

    maybe this works in 8.0 (pretty sure, I doubt it wasn't like that in 8.0) Custom Client [8.6 - 10.XX] Tip: use Insert to add stuffs and don't mess with the char lenght. OR You can use OTClient and do a really good job in your custom stuff :)
  10. grilo13

    New features that people want in a server!

    @ad guy custom content on 8.6 lol is the custom client at least OTC or just the 8.6 client without custom stuffs? good luck @topic As nosferatu said, u need something that players like to play. You need to satisfy the most people u can and keep doing it, or it will be a dead server in not so...
  11. grilo13

    Choose ACC Maker

    U can test anyone and learn. Are u looking for php aac makers? I guess there's only Gesior, ZNote and MyAAC. If u want another language, like GO, you can GO with Castro AAC. Don't know if we have any other choice.
  12. grilo13

    Setting Temple Pos in 8.6 tfs 1.2

    In the MAP. If u use RME: Map, Edit Towns (CTRL + T)
  13. grilo13

    Sword Art Online - LegendOfAincrad

    First of all, as I always try to say, don't mistake SAO with SAO Deadly Game... The game itself don't have that stupid stuffs like "you can only logout sleeping" and "lost your char if you die"... You want to be a mad scientist that will arrest players in game? Please, just create a SAO game...
  14. grilo13

    Servers this days

    imo Custom servers aren't dead, but people don't want to spend their time in low exp servers with "no players" and with a probably deadline (servers aren't forever, right?). And people don't like complicated servers nowadays I guess... Like 15 new custom systems that u need to get strong, but...
  15. grilo13

    PhP - website doubit

    Check your highscore code, change to suits you '-'
  16. grilo13

    Castro AAC

    Just want to know if that "cloaka" means anything '-' Testing on Windows x64.
  17. grilo13

    PhP - website doubit

    And? How we're supposed to do that without the original code and the database? U just need to do a SQL query and get those btw, not hard at all :)
  18. grilo13

    [CANADA] Niverus - New edition [Custom Evo RPG] 10.98

    Looks really fun, will give it a try with my friend.
  19. grilo13

    [GESIOR ACC] Request Database Manager

    Just saying, you shouldn't mess with accounts' passwords... Please, don't do that.