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    Tutorial Linux OT Server

    I know there are some threads that will help you run an ot server in Linux but all the tutorials are in my opinion outdated. So I request a new tutorial to run your ot server in Linux (I prefer Ubuntu).
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    C++ OTHire faster monster healing/attack

    I can't seem to let this monster heal faster it always heals per second. I also can't make it heal slower even if I put exhaustion/delay/interval to 5000. Anyone knows why? Monster: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <monster name="Trainer" nameDescription="a trainer" race="blood"...
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    C++ OTHire monster question

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <monster name="Queen Amazon" level="100" maglevel="150" experience="1200" pushable="0" armor="40" defense="40" canpushitems="0" staticattack="50" changetarget="200" speed="332"> ******************************************************************************************* *...
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    C++ health tick multiplier formula

    I don't know how to read this formula: config.lua healthtickmul = 300 manatickmul = 500 promotionhealthtickmul = 350 promotionmanatickmul = 550 const int Player::promotedGainManaVector[5][2] = {{6,1},{2,1},{2,1},{3,1},{6,1}}; const int Player::promotedGainHealthVector[5][2] =...
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    C++ OTHire higher attack speed

    I've tried to get it to work with with the help of @Mkalo (Fix #1319 by Mkalo · Pull Request #2109 · otland/forgottenserver), But my character doesnt use the attack speed while walking. I've tested it with a bow and explosive arrows.
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    C++ Creature count

    I have this in my sources: EVENT_CREATURECOUNT Does anyone know where it's for, and what happends if you change the value?
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    C++ Old burst arrow formula

    How can I use this burst arrow damage formula in a newer server? Old server: config.lua -- damage of burst arrows blast -- default is from (1*lvl+5*mlvl)*0.24 to (1*lvl+5*mlvl)*0.55 burstarrowdmg = {"2.0", "5.0", "0.24", "0.55"} luascript.cpp BURST_DMG_LVL =...
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    C++ OTHire can't login problem

    Anyone knows why I get this failed attempt message when I try to login? I've been trying sha1 encryption and also plain encyption without succes. I'm using gesior aac for otserv 0.6.4
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    AAC Gesior AAC TFS-0.4_rev_3703+ problem

    I'm trying to use Gesior AAC TFS-0.4_rev_3703+ for my server. But when installing with UniServerZ I can't get past the "set admin account" When I fill it in it just says: STEP 5 Set Admin Account I've also tried to skip the set admin account installation part but then I can't create a new account.
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    Ex-server developer looking for a server to work with

    As an ex-server developer I can do a little bit of everything. But my best skill is lua scripting. Looking for a scripter for your server? Let me know. I'll accept a gm position if the server is soon online. Else I accept money in Paypal.
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    Facebook for otserver

    If I create a Facebook account it is necessary to put in your real name, but what if I want to use Facebook for an opentibia server project? My Facebook account has already been disabled because I put the name of my otserver instead of my real name. Does anyone know what I have to change so I...
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    South America

    Hello, I've got an airplane ticket to South America except Brazil. Anyone knows some nice place to go? I would like to go without much money and try to find a job and see if I can make a living there. So any tips how to survive or anything would be appreciated. Btw anyone wants to travel with...
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    condition bug?

    I'm using otx 2, (tfs 0.4) client 8.6 and I'm having the following issue: When I do in login.lua: local condd = createConditionObject(CONDITION_HASTE) setConditionParam(condd, CONDITION_PARAM_TICKS, -1) or any other condition, I'm getting condition poison. Anyone knows why it...
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    Lua converting spell to tfs 1.x

    I'm using tfs 1.2, version 8.6. Can someone tell me how I can convert this script to tfs 1.x? local acombat1 = createCombatObject() local acombat2 = createCombatObject() local acombat3 = createCombatObject() local acombat4 = createCombatObject() local acombat5 = createCombatObject() local...
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    Lua new spell message per level

    Im using tfs 1.2 10.98 and I want to create a message that once you level up you can get to see a new spell. (example: You reached level 38 and can now cast 'exevo vis hur'.) But I'm getting an orange message with no text and no errors in console, can someone take a look please? local s = {...
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    Linux multiclient 8.6

    I saw this tutorial: Mc Multiclient (hex) 7.4 at 10.x But the numbers are different hex editing a Linux client. So does anyone know how I can enable multiclient in Tibia 8.6 in Linux? (I can't run Tibia 8.6 + ipchanger in wine.)
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    Linux I can't login on server with global ip

    I'm using latest linux ubuntu and otx2 client 8.6. When I use on my ipchanger I can login but when I use my global_ip I can't login. Does anyone know why that is? This doesn't happen with tfs 1.2. worldId = 0 ip = "" worldType = "open" bindOnlyGlobalAddress...
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    Looking for php programmer

    pm me.
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    Mapper Looking for mapper/quest maker

    Not too expensive. Pm me with offer.
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    Solved Znote layout

    All pages are blank/white when I go to I already editted my config.php How can I reinstall znote aac? I used this for otx2 server: Database schemas · Znote/ZnoteAAC Wiki · GitHub [MySQL] TFS 0.3.6 mysql_schema -