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  1. Eduardo170

    Gaming Livin in Talera

    My first orc raid in the north thais.
  2. Eduardo170

    Gaming Livin in Talera

    Lucky day PS: the real supply cost in this hunt was approx 90k. 1 hour completing these bestiaries.
  3. Eduardo170

    Gaming Livin in Talera

    yesterday. Tibia like OT.
  4. Eduardo170

    TalkAction [1.3] MapleStory2 Quiz - Revescript

    I created and shared this basic and beautiful map, for the use of any member. Exactly with the amount of sqm that is observed in the demonstrative video.
  5. Eduardo170

    Gaming Livin in Talera

    Today, I won 2.6kk per hour in Bursters Spectre location: darashia and won 30 charms points
  6. Eduardo170

    [8.6] Custom Project

    I will see what use I can give. Than you.
  7. Eduardo170

    Azleh/Shaqz is a scammer!

    I'am from Venezuela. I'm ashamed to share my nacionality with this type of people who scam others, and more when they are same nationality.
  8. Eduardo170

    [1.3] Scripts / Systems ideas.

    I think it is necessary to edit sources for this.
  9. Eduardo170

    [1.3] Scripts / Systems ideas.

    A teleporter is created at a certain time of the day, you have somes minutes to enter, the teleport created teleport you to waiting room, then all people in the waiting room, is teleported to room definitive where start to spawn zombies, the last man in the room won. example: Teleport: 5...
  10. Eduardo170

    [1.3] Scripts / Systems ideas.

    What event do you want me to describe you?
  11. Eduardo170

    GlobalEvent [1.3] Metin Stone Event - Full auto

    I've always had this problem, when I try to add a "dofile('data/")" to libs.lua. It happened to me with another event.
  12. Eduardo170

    Give item talkaction for tfs 12.

    Can you posted the script?.
  13. Eduardo170

    TFS 1.X Cursed Chest

    Post the script, so I or they can help you.
  14. Eduardo170

    [Mexico][8.60] Zarex Online | Custom-RPG - START June 21, 2019

    Voy a estar atento, buena suerte.
  15. Eduardo170

    [1.3] Scripts / Systems ideas.

    I eliminated it, because I needed this script, and that was very demand.
  16. Eduardo170

    [1.3] Scripts / Systems ideas.

    TFS 1.2 ¿You can make a zombie event? ¿With teleport at a specific time of day.?. I can provide 2 maps. NEW Zombie Event [TFS 1.x] ( <<(monsters dont appear and it doesnt have a global event to start). GlobalEvent - [TFS 1.2] Zombie...
  17. Eduardo170

    TFS 0.X Teleport to trainer

    me too =)
  18. Eduardo170

    Action [TFS 1.3] Advanced Annihilator System

    No. I can show you in live.