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    Making second weapon slot

    Margoh, can you do a tutorial who noob peoples like me can add more slots in the otserv/otc?
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    Anyone have a sprite of ANT (monster)?
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    Scripter Ramza's Scripting/Programming Services

    quero o zodiac legacy on de volta só isso sdds Aaron
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    New generic slot in a MiniWindow

    do you know how? how i can add more slots in tfs 0.4
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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.5

    if u can do it share please, its amazing for threads
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    set Image Source

    can you share this mod??
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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.5

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    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.5

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    [Tutorial] Adding more tiles to game window - Updated 7/6/2018

    Anyone have a good tutorial how i can compile OTC ?
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    Im using Windows, sorry i dont know that java language, xd
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    How i can use this program to generate map? i already download node.js but didnt work
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    Lua Variable Monsters Health (TFS 0.4.0)

    You can use the function onSpawn
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    Elemental defense 8.6

    Anyone know how can do a spell like protect percent elemental dmgs?
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    C++ How to make its possible

    Hello guys, anyone can help-me with a question? Hello everyone, I would like to know how to keep the trade window from all available, even if there is no money in backpack to buy certain item. Like this For this, without money of course. I want to leave everything available, but when...
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    Xikini's Free Scripting Service. [0.3.7 & (0.3.6/0.4)]

    TFS 0.4 (8.60) Hello, you can make an invasion script by Globalevents, which every 1 hour spawns a monster, but I want the case to happen again, the previous beast disappear, in case no one kills him., to prevent it from being born several invasions in the same place
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    This can be change for check coins value by storagedID and buy shop items from storageID? Like the storage will be a coin
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    Remere's Map Editor 3.3

    Can someone make extended version?
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    How to make it better

    My new Gallery Characters of Naruto, for a project (ExTNL) I know it's not a goods sprite, but i need for make the characters on game Asuma, Kaguya, Pakura, Shin, Naruto Rikudou, Sasuke Rikudou