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  1. A

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    I know i said im gonna stop talking about vocation change on the discord but I decided to do a search on the forum about vocation changes: =1&c[nodes][0]=43&o=relevance']Search results for query: vocation change...
  2. Zealot

    [France][Custom] Ruthless Chaos - Season 5

    Any major changes done to the vocations of season 4?
  3. Ferrados

    [France][Custom] Ruthless Chaos - Season 5

    AFAIK they will be mostly the same, there might be some small balance changes but no new spells or anything like that. We will be seeing a new 6th vocation some time during Season 5. Did you have any specific changes in mind?
  4. Palm

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    Don't worry you can always buy a vocation change!
  5. Wazzup88

    [France][CUSTOM] ArchlightOnline - New Season July 19th & The Council of Marius Expansion

    Can you lower the cost to change vocation :D, 50 usd is alot to change. Enjoying the server still though.
  6. Glecko

    [France][Custom] Ruthless Chaos - Season 5

    No game-breaking changes. As Ferrados said, small balance changes to existing spells and equipment. Perhaps the most notable difference is that shamans will now be gaining 12 mana per level instead of 8.
  7. D

    [FRANCE][Fibula74] RealMap PvP-Enforced High RATE - Jan 18th 18.00 CET (Real Cash Events)

    You talk for 10 rows about how blessings work. I think everyone here knows how they work. You talk 1 row about balanced vocations. I don't think anyone knows what you changed to vocation balance. wp. gr8 advertisement. big brain. def rec.
  8. Lyky

    [Poland] Erathia - Custom - Real Map RPG

    Due to feedback I have decided to improve mana regen for all vocations, and change exp stages.
  9. M

    [France] Voidcore 7.4 - Official Start on Friday - 12.01.18 - 18:00 CET

    Proposition is that we have a few rookstayers, how about you create in highscores vocation as "No Vocation" or "Rookstayers" Cosmetic change, but will be nice although i'm not an rookstayer ;-) How about for some tasks for them also?
  10. G

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    The whole concept of changing class is in alot of the new mmos, usually free(maybe ingame cash of a sort) instant and it's such a good change if you actually give it a try. Yes alot of people might change to the same "op" vocation combo but thats also part of the fun. Trying to figure out...
  11. Hyakkimaru

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    This era will be of changes and for the better, facilitating the 3rb generates new vocations even without adding new vocations, this is called strategy. Do you prefer that 30 players make 3rb and only they keep playing or 100-150 make 3rb? If he did not change that, he would only repeat...
  12. Original_player

    [France] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | Authentic PvP | hardcore PvP-E | ONLINEEEEEEEE!

    *PoI vocation tiles will be changed and deal around 300 damage per tile, even the last one. Does that mean if you enter the wrong vocation path you won't die on the last sqm?
  13. Allesn

    [BRAZIL] Tibianos - 10.97 Custom Map

    BUMP, new patch note:
  14. C

    [FRANCE][Fibula74] RealMap PvP-Enforced High RATE - Jan 18th 18.00 CET (Real Cash Events)

    Chrzaszcz - My nickname ;) thanks for 15 days premium :) BTW host 1.please tell Us what u mean "Balanced Vocations " its important before u chose voc so please let us know aobut thatt. 2. How fast mana and healt growing in all vocations. 3. WHat about items are some news or just normal without...
  15. D

    [France] Waropolis - 7.X PvP-E Realmap - HR - Relive glory - April 20th, 2018

    Wow, this looks really good. I didn't play last edition but i will try this one out for sure. Q: Any balance changes to runes, vocations etc or is it vanilla?
  16. wickedd

    [USA] [7.4~] Old School War | Level reset 11/28 | FREE BOH & SOFTS

    FREE BOH, SOFTS FOR ALL STARTING TOMORROW ! Last night I reset the levels of all players, The server will be experimental while I make more updates and change hosts. Now everyone will start at lvl 40. Increased damage for all vocations.
  17. Destruckto

    [France] Ascalon (8.7 Custom) - Coming soon

    How about adding some new vocation promotions? and passives? And change the lvl 400 spells holy crap that was unbalanced as hell lol
  18. Casa

    [UK] WelshReaperOTS 10.41 PVP-ENF Real Tibia map (Custom)

    -Bump- All new vocations added. Affiliated items changed via movements etc. New and old spells/weapons added to suit the vocation change. IP issue fixed. New Stages added. Regards Leon.
  19. podge22

    [France] Ascalon (8.7 Custom) - Coming soon

    Hey @Gaal, have there been any changes to the vocations? I remember that sharpshooters were weaker AND had a lower survivability than assassins. If vocations haven't been changed then I have a couple of ideas of how to balance sharpshooters/assassins specifically.
  20. Tampik back

    [France] [7.4] Realesta RPG Low-rate, Long-term Server START [07.12, Friday 18:00 CET] | USA Proxy!

    So this exp bonus in party information will be change and updated? Case 1: Same vocations in party(example 2x Sorcerers) +15% more exp. Case 2: 2 Different vocations in party(example Sorcerer + Druid) +30% more exp. Case 3: 3 Different vocations in party(example Sorcerer + Druid + Pally) +...