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    Bless tfs 1.3 change 5/8

    Require source code edit
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    How to cancel Rashid missions?

    if you want only buy/sell items change scripr from rashid.lua to default.lua
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    Lua Daily Task NPC do not answer!

    any console error, do you try print test text on console? print("test 1") look on database on your player storage value on player_storage table? id player can you take from player table
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    Compiling Mysql/Mysql.h Error while compiling

    do you use vcpkg?
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    Lua Function [TFS 1.3] Item abilities via Lua

    hello, it's me again, I discovered the error/bug, the Holy, Death and Ice absorption attributes are not correctly added to the item that were loaded only by xml, I compiled your code(from github repo), the only thing I changed was the item(otb and xml) in data folder funny fact -...
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    Lua Function [TFS 1.3] Item abilities via Lua

    no comment, this work :)
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    item absorb - get value

    Hello, I wanted to extract the absorption from the item, the functions that I implemented are under this link [ Lua Function - [TFS 1.3] Item abilities via Lua ( ], the problem is that it always gets the value =...
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    Lua Function [TFS 1.3] Item abilities via Lua

    @BUMP This code work 4you @Stigma? I must remove "const " because the code don't compile const ItemType* itemType = getUserdata<const ItemType>(L, 1); \/ ItemType* itemType = getUserdata<ItemType>(L, 1);
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    Lua Function [TFS 1.3] Item abilities via Lua

    I get all values = 0 used on 23:32 You see a magic plate armor (Arm:17, protection physical +6%, energy +6%, earth +6%, fire +6%, drown +6%, ice +6%, holy +6%, death +6%). It weighs 85.00 oz. Item ID: 2472 Position: 1615, 930, 5 std::cout << "Test 2: " <<...
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    Lua Function [TFS 1.3] Item abilities via Lua

    Is there any possibility to get current (from xml file) attributes(absorb etc) values, I want to add a random value to it via setAbility(x,y) example <item id="7900" article="a" name="magma monocle"> <attribute key="weight" value="1000" /> <attribute key="armor" value="5" />...
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    Show magic dmg increase

    if incress damage script is inside onhealthchange, add to attacked creature check attacker isPlayer, if yes check promotion promotion then draw effect local position = creature:getPosition() position:sendMagicEffect(CONST_ME_TELEPORT)
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    Waeapon script deal unexpected damage

    Hello, I solved the problem, I had to return negative numbers instead of positive.
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    yeap, sad story :(
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    Waeapon script deal unexpected damage

    MISSCLICK - marked SOLVED(Still unsolved) Hello after processing the script to calculate the damage, the weapon began to ignore the defensive monster (physicalPercent = "80") here's the script before the change (works correctly) local combat1 = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat1...
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    Lua new scripts randomly crash server

    All my scripts should look like this one? local combat1 = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat1, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) function onGetFormulaValues(player, skill, attack, factor) local skillTotal = (skill*4) * (attack/2) local levelTotal = player:getLevel()...
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    Lua new scripts randomly crash server

    in the database, the value of storage -1 is removed, other values are saved, and I followed these values in the database local function resetStorage() if player:getStorageValue(1999) > -1 then player:setStorageValue(1999, getPlayerStorageValue(player, 1999)-1) end I use...
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    Lua new scripts randomly crash server

    Hello, at the beginning I want to apologize to you for my English, I helped translator.. I need help to detect problem of random server crash, i adding 2 new spells and one weapon probably one or all of them is a problem.. all of them use addEvent() storageReseter.lua - used to reset storage...