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  1. Tobben321

    How to make real map tibia server?

    You can replace the datapack with this one
  2. Tobben321

    Turning off the quest

    What do you mean by deactivate? Making it work without doing anything prior or delete it? function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if target:isItem() then return false end if not isInRange(target:getPosition(), Position(33477, 32775, 11)...
  3. Tobben321

    Quest complet on start

    I think you need to be more familiar with the quests in order to see what does what, to be honest. In yalahar quests you'd have to change every single storage value to match how the quest normally would go. I think the easiest thing for you is to go through the actions of the quest itself and...
  4. Tobben321

    Quest complet on start

    Well, should still work the same though, I cant do it for you without knowing what quest or the storage for the quest. You can find the storages for each quest in data/lib/miscellaneous/051-storages.lua and just plop it in there. added it at the bottom, you can just copy and paste it if you want...
  5. Tobben321

    Quest complet on start

    If you're using tfs 1.3 you can just set it in login.lua. Something like this: if player:getStorageValue(insert quest storage) < 1 then player:setStorageValue(insert quest storage, 1)
  6. Tobben321

    TFS 1.X+ using fresh items.otb with map editor, wrong ids in client

    Use the .spr and .dat from the map editor on the client and it should in theory resolve your issues
  7. Tobben321

    Solved Problem with new promotions

    haha nice dude
  8. Tobben321

    Solved Problem with new promotions

    I think this might be an issue in login.lua Around here somewhere maybe -- Promotion local vocation = player:getVocation() local promotion = vocation:getPromotion() if player:isPremium() then local value = player:getStorageValue(STORAGEVALUE_PROMOTION) if not...
  9. Tobben321

    Is there any Offline Setup Guide I can't figure how to run the exe what am I doing wrong.

    Go to the tutorials section, im sure you can figure it out on your own bro :)
  10. Tobben321

    Is there any Offline Setup Guide I can't figure how to run the exe what am I doing wrong.

    They changed it from XML database to sql database, so you need to download uniserv or mysql or something and set it up. This thread explains it nicely for ya: [Tutorial] How to setup The Forgotten Server TFS 1.2 (10.98)...
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    You cant
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    Is there any Offline Setup Guide I can't figure how to run the exe what am I doing wrong.

    Im guessing you're using for database, and got it set up with correct username and password for the database, and you've also loaded the schema file into the db
  13. Tobben321

    Account manager not in Db

    Isnt this solely done in config file in 0.4, and has nothing to do with the db? nvm, just use this schema Fir3element/3777 ( in a new db ig
  14. Tobben321

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Distro closes when trying to open

    Open Command prompt, then change the directory to the folder the executable is in, and write the name of the executable. Post pic of results ex. in cmd write "cd C:\Users\Public" -> path to where the executable is "theforgottenserver.exe" -> the full name of the executable
  15. Tobben321

    I can't seem to compile TFS 1.3?

    Go to control panel -> uninstall a program -> right click visual studio -> then go to like repair and there should be an option to manually install different sdk versions there. Just make sure to only select the one you need.
  16. Tobben321

    How do I get Nostalrius 7.7 to work with TFS 1.2 to load the server.

    Do the same thing only with the files from 7.7 distro, and not the one shown in the tutorial, should be pretty much the same
  17. Tobben321

    [QUESTION]There any ObjectBuilder with support more than 65535 items?

    Isn't this limit is set within the distro itself?
  18. Tobben321

    AAC What is the URL of my Znote ACC page?

    This can be done regardless -> cmd -> ping hostname -> get IP -> win 🤑 I'd also recommend this if you're new to hosting ;)
  19. Tobben321

    AAC What is the URL of my Znote ACC page?

    Your IP Address In order for it to work though you need to have port 80 open.
  20. Tobben321

    PHP Powergamers

    I dont think the cache is even neccessary.