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  1. Magikern Tim

    Helo gajs.

    Gajs. After lvl 400 on lunar turbans are coming back to shadow to prove this shaun joker kid he is a noop. also we will kill botters. kkkk prepare ur anuses cuz shits 'bout to go down. @Deszczus @Knaga @Shaun Jones
  2. Magikern Tim

    reset server ??

    its been almost 3 years :) we waiting reset :) where hano :) and marki ;) also rosha xD! where its is ps. fajt me fagits
  3. Magikern Tim

    AOE spells/runes damage on Lunarforce

    Got a request from a friend to make this thread, not sure if I included everything he asked me to put in this thread so that's why I made a answer called "other" so you can say what you would like to see get changed in the future so we can all enjoy the server again. Not saying it's not...
  4. Magikern Tim

    My lunar your shadow

    Trading my money on lunar for your on shadowcores 1:1 Msg me here or alex tanka bazze (lunar) alex top one (shadowcores)
  5. Magikern Tim

    retired gajs check fast

    kkthxbye turban shits donimando 4ever
  6. Magikern Tim

    favourites songs guys realy

    tell me u favoruties songes guys i show my u show you ok vvvvvv sir aszlicker true infa bb ps: fuking twats where my vodka kurwas
  7. Magikern Tim

    about retro server and lapa and jordi

    fuck you gopan really fuck you where is my backpack i gonna hunt u on retro server hehs ps: signed by sir rod
  8. Magikern Tim

    sir ahh = illymunardi?

    illuminardi confirmd 2014
  9. Magikern Tim

    fuck this turban shits really fuck them

    plz not trollerinho im beg you pleases
  10. Magikern Tim

    Buying Lunar cash for shadowcores cash

    my shadow for your lunar, normal rates (1kk>1kk) pm me on akta er foer bolisen (lunar), here on this thread or pm me on otland :P regards
  11. Magikern Tim

    Buying cash on lunarforce for cash on shadowcores

    Trading my money on shadow for yours on lunarforce rate is as usual 1kk>1kk hit me up on akta er foer bolisen (lunar), this thread or pm here on otland regards Scammers; ahi voy jefa scammed me on 1kk lmfao fucking nerd hahah dont trust him gajs
  12. Magikern Tim

    Turban shits @kajamy

    new video by timpzur omgomg i thought u said last one long time ago omgomg roflcopter plx likerino and subscrizzle
  13. Magikern Tim

    veziv fast check it

    fuck you gulimer kaida dominando
  14. Magikern Tim

    About this people who makes useless threads.

    shut u fucking mounts where u playing when i giving out free soft boots on ots?? ps: fuk u gulimer
  15. Magikern Tim

    Blocking hives.

    Hi as you can see on the this picture they are blocking off hive idk what floor it is cba to look but ye and as it is illegal to block off an area for longer than 15 minutes they should be punished, right? also im sad you are doign this salar :[ </3 fak de poliec ban plese no can exp
  16. Magikern Tim

    Guys please watch 5/5 toast for this guy best player ever

    rate/like/comment ! :) :) This is me playing Counter-Strike source:D. im proberly the 5 star general im so good that i made my cuz leave counter-strike source LOOL! //umit - @Htown123
  17. Magikern Tim

    true info about timmy boy aka 12 year old rat kid from turban gang...

    addicted, sad but true ... gather time when gather time special thanks to @Deszczu for hunting with me on banuta sometimes and @Slibaha for calling me a ratkid so i can finally realize who i really am... and im addicted sorry is tru info also thanks to @Htown123 for not talking about sex when he...
  18. Magikern Tim

    Spammer g4jz

    ban this fucker i entered and im hacked on all accont . . . gm u gonna give item ? or just ban him ? im want my ferumbras hat back or never play sory for england google traductor
  19. Magikern Tim

    Selling Mythril axe

    Selling mythril axe, starting offer is 15kk (highest buy offer in market) and auto-win offer will be added once I'm settled with the offers. Private message me in-game (King timpzor/ xabor skywi) or here on forums. thanks :P