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  1. Piotrek1447

    [8.6][Poland] | High Exp | Evo | Start 30 January 2013! starting 30.01.2013 at 18:00 CREATE ACCOUNT FROM NOW! Client: Tibia 8.6 Online: 24/7 (Jedyny w swoim rodzaju dedyk) World Type: PVP (Protection level: 5000) Website: Best Evo Server IP: Port: 7171 Map: Custom/Evolution Exp Rate: Stage 1 - 2000 = 550000 2001...
  2. Piotrek1447

    [8.6] TFS 0.4 - Rev 5885 - 8.6 - Fixed Bugs

    Here i give you latest trunk rev (5885) downgraded to protocol 8.6, so i think its actually best TFS for Tibia 8.6, without bugs. trunk 5885 for 8.6, version 1 Data Sources trunk 5885 for 8.6, version 2 Data Sources
  3. Piotrek1447

    [Poland] Fun-PvP 8.6, start 14.09.2012, 20:00 CET

    Hello dear players, at the begining we would like to say that we was working at reactivation for our fans. We was working like 2 months to did what we did, work is almost finished atm. server is online for testers to findout some bugs that probably can be after update. is a...
  4. Piotrek1447

    TalkAction Crafting

    Here is piece of shit what i latest do for my friend - he don't need it now so i release this. How it work? You must have a container in arrow slot and put items in it required to craft other things, in this example is spear and wood. After this, type !craft spear and thats all. Remember, if put...
  5. Piotrek1447

    Mapper Looking for mapper

    I'm looking a mapper for Pokemon OTS who can make map from scratch, this server will be unique, all systems is written by me and Killavus from scratch. When server will be done all team members will get a paid. Current Team Piotrek1447 (Lua Scripter, Project Founder) Killavus (C++ Programmer...
  6. Piotrek1447

    Tutorial Proziaki z Podkarpacia

    Opis: Bardzo łatwy tutorial na bardzo fajne "local placuszki = proziaki" zwłaszcza gdy zabraknie chleba. Polecam to jest bardzo tradycyjny przepis! Składniki: cukier kryształ 1 łyżka soda oczyszczona 1 łyżka mąka pszenna 1 kg zsiadłe mleko lub kefir 0.5 L sól 1 według uznania Sposób...
  7. Piotrek1447

    Koci1994 is back!

    Radujmy się i powitajmy go serdecznie! :thumbup:
  8. Piotrek1447

    Problem with charges.

    I have 1000 charges in my enchanted weapon but when i attack monster then charges automatically set to 231. In sources i make some modification like this: In item.cpp uint8_t _charges = 1; if(!propStream.GET_UCHAR(_charges))on this uint16_t _charges = 1...
  9. Piotrek1447

    NPC [Release] Bless Module

    Here is bless module written by me for my server because orginal bless man some times didn't work.^_^ In modules.lua After this function StdModule.learnSpell(cid, message, keywords, parameters, node) local npcHandler = parameters.npcHandler if(npcHandler == nil) then...
  10. Piotrek1447

    [NPC] Wands & Rods seller.

    I make npc who selling all wands, rods and giving first wand/rod for free. local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function onCreatureAppear(cid) npcHandler:onCreatureAppear(cid) end...
  11. Piotrek1447

    Red-Skull bug.

    I use revision 356, when i kill player i have skull, and when i die with skull (1 kills) i have red skull. Sorry for my English.
  12. Piotrek1447

    Bug in probably waitlist.cpp

    Hi, When on my server is 30 people online (limit) u don't stand in queue. U see "Wrong temple position. Sorry for my English. PS. Folder data is empty on SVN.