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  1. WaSyllek95

    [Poland] BezeOTS 8.6

    [CUSTOM][4FUN][MID][ENFO][RPG] Stage Exp: From 1 lvl to 30 lvl exp x30 From 31 lvl to 50 lvl exp x24 From 51 lvl to 70 lvl exp x21 From 71 lvl to 90 lvl exp x18 From 91 lvl to 120 lvl exp x15 From 121 lvl to 150 lvl exp x12 From 151 to ∞ exp x9 Happy Stamina exp 150% Exp from players: x3...
  2. WaSyllek95


    BezeOTS [4FUN RETRO PVP&RPG] Start Saturday 10.06 - 18:00 Description: - The best features of an old tibia [7.6v7.92] (retro sprites, old school systems). - Additional features of the new tibia that make it meet the needs of a wide range of fans of this game. - Long tradition...
  3. WaSyllek95

    NPC - old talk system on 8.6

    Hello everyone. I want ask you how I can set talk with NPC to working like old tibia? There is something in the modules.lua: -- Constants used for shop mode. Notice: addBuyableItemContainer is working on all modes SHOPMODULE_MODE_TALK = 1 -- Old system used before Tibia 8.2: sell/buy...
  4. WaSyllek95

    Custom Formula Damage (lvl, mlvl) Question

    Hello, I would ask more experienced users what I must do to make sd like this formula? I using tfs for 8.6. This is possible to do it as spell with calculations lvl and mlvl? local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TARGETCASTERORTOPMOST, true)...
  5. WaSyllek95

    Problem importing custom sprites of missiles

    nice sprites bro :D -first you must add images in tibia sprite editor -next make new effect and take sprites in dat editor -open const.h* - in sources files. -add yours effects -compilation - next open your constant file (data/lib) and here add effects too. CONST_ME is area effect and...
  6. WaSyllek95

    Change item image in acc maker

    Hello everyone, I have problem. I using Gesior2012-TFS-0.3.6, everything works well, but I don't know how can change item image. My acc maker takes pictures from but I have new items with new id. I mean to acc take picture from for example id 3341 and show it as...