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  1. Derlexy

    Nostalrius 7.7

    Worked... I guess its the only problem with the VCPKG method.
  2. Derlexy

    Nostalrius 7.7

    Guys, im trying to compile this server, but i got so many errors... Wich version o TFS-SDK and Boost libraries should i use to compile it? Im linking everything correctly... Wich version of VS should i use? @EDIT: Now i followed every single step from VCPKG tutorial, and got this:
  3. Derlexy

    Compiling TFS 1.0/1.1 latest source. 64 and 32 bits. Pics and lots of explanation.

    Hello guys. I'm trying to compile TFS master branch, and i've done everything on the compiling tutorial from tfs github, but i got this error: Gyazo - 88ea6022cbd08f1d39dfdc344db16948.png Can someone help me? Have i forgot to do something important? Cuz i think i've done everything right.
  4. Derlexy

    High CPU during Tibia?

    I had this same problem. Moved the limit framerate do 60 and fixed the problem =)
  5. Derlexy

    OT Client: IP and Version:

    Doesn't work =/
  6. Derlexy

    OT Client: IP and Version:

    Hello there. I set my OTC to open on my server IP and Version, but when i send the OTC to my friends, they cant login. On ENTERGAME.LUA: When i try to login on my on computer, everything works. The problem is when i send the client to a friend and he open the client: Can someone help me? TY
  7. Derlexy

    [7.72] RealOTX with CastSystem - OpenSource

    i know it, but the problem happens when you use OTC =(
  8. Derlexy

    [7.72] RealOTX with CastSystem - OpenSource

    How to disable players to target another players with runes through the battle? Is it possible to be done directly on server sources?
  9. Derlexy

    Remove Runes from Battle to Players:

  10. Derlexy

    [7.72] RealOTX with CastSystem - OpenSource

    Why is the report system (CTRL+R) doesnt working? Is it just happening with me?
  11. Derlexy

    Remove Runes from Battle to Players:

    First of all, im using this distribution: [7.72] RealOTX with CastSystem - OpenSource I need some help to block players from use runes to another players from battle list, but i dont know where to change it. I know i can do it on the client, but it dont prevent anything, once someone can modify...
  12. Derlexy

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps

    Some more pics from my ice passages: The 7.4 sprites arent bad after all =P
  13. Derlexy

    Little HELP Compiling:

    Well, i tryed some things and it worked. So, thank you anyway. =)
  14. Derlexy

    Little HELP Compiling:

    the problem stills =/
  15. Derlexy

    Little HELP Compiling:

    I've have followed tutorial, but i get the following error. Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/thread/future.hpp': No such file or directory (..\src\client\client.cpp) C:\otclient\src\framework\stdext\thread.h 26 1...
  16. Derlexy

    OpenTibia Item Editor (10.98)

    does it work with Tibia 7.72?
  17. Derlexy

    RME mountain ground(?) - answer

    Bad ideia. You should never use auto things kkk
  18. Derlexy

    Set Default Client Version

    Did i need to recompile OTC? If not, the problem stills.. @Edit: I dont think the problem is the OTC... I downloaded another OTC, oppened the new OTC, selected the 7.72 version, closed the new OTC and open mine after... Now, mine OTC is configured as 7.72 too. I dont know how, but it works.
  19. Derlexy

    The white city

    you need to use the directly image link... some like ""