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  1. Simonp1512

    if premium days 0 auto sell house

    hi otlanders i don't know if this is possible i'm looking for a script, if you bought a house with 1 premium day all is ok but if you premium days go to 0 you keep the house how can i do to the player no have that house anymore? thx for the help
  2. Simonp1512

    can't use action item "you cannot use this object"

    hi people i have problems with my item now when i use/click on it say "you cannot use this object" and the console no say any error this is the script function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local tapion = {lookType = 502} doPlayerSetVocation(cid,359)...
  3. Simonp1512

    [Spain] CUSTOM DBHispano Welcome to DBHispano a new dragon ball server based ---Rates--- EXP stages EXP on death players x10 Skills stages Magic stages Loot x2 client: custom/own web download Explore the map for quest, and unlock special...
  4. Simonp1512

    modern acc shop button

    hi people, i have a problem with my web 2 days ago my shop button working perfect but today when i click on shop nothing happens i don't know what's is wrong and i dont know nothing about php or webs please help me if you need to see my config.php or anithing please tell me
  5. Simonp1512

    [0.3.6] TFS magical damage max hp/mp potion

    hi people, is possible to do a potion that increase for a short time the magical damage as key="increasemagicpercent" and a other potion to up the max hp/mp for short time i don't know if this is possible if any one know something please can tell me? thx (y) rep++
  6. Simonp1512

    formula calculating

    hi people how can help me to explain how to calculate this formula? return -(((skill * 50) / 3) + (level / 5)), -((skill * 50) + (level / 5)) thxx! What is this formula for? min - max hit for a spell or what?
  7. Simonp1512

    Remove Item in use problem

    hi people, i have a problem with "doPlayerRemoveItem" when the item is in the backpack is remove perfect but when the item is on the ground the item no remove, the layer can use it but no remove the scrip function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local kame = {lookType = 360}...
  8. Simonp1512

    skills bug

    hi i have a problem with my server, if i put the rate skills to 300x for example no matter what but the skills grow up slowly like the rate are in x2 or x1 any idea? thx
  9. Simonp1512

    transforms error

    hi i have a problem with my scrip, i'm trying to add a new vocation but when i type "ultra" to transform in the new transform, no work, any idea? thx local ma = 4000 local he = 4000 ------------------------ function onSay(cid,words,param) if exhaustion.get(cid, 107) then...
  10. Simonp1512

    oufit for new player

    hi people. how can i put an certain looktype for a new player i mean when login for first time then you will have that outfit or looktype? is only posible un mysql or in sqlite too? any idea thanks