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  1. Blinkz


    Just wanted to say to everyone making the posts saying your leaving.......see you next week :P
  2. Blinkz

    Xylana (New World)

    So there is going to be a bunch of us starting on the new world Xylana. If anyone is interested in joining us make sure you send me a message or post in this thread for I can add everyone to a group conversation before launch. Your Lord And Savior, Blinkz
  3. Blinkz

    Runescape Deadman Mode

    Just seeing if anyone's played any of these old school worlds? Been watching a few streams of people dying and completely losing their shit lmao. Kind of hilarious
  4. Blinkz

    Halo 5

    Soooooo Halo 5 releases tonight, and just want to see who is picking it up and what you expect from it. According to pro players they claim the games the best Halo. Thoughts?
  5. Blinkz

    Csgo Jackpot

    Has anyone else tested their luck on any of the jackpot websites? I won my first jackpot last night off a 30$ bet and won 600$ lmao
  6. Blinkz

    Anyone Play Eldera or Mortera???

    Plan on starting rl tibia again with my brother and was looking to see if anyone was already playing or looking to team up
  7. Blinkz

    Anyone interested in War Team?

    Just seeing if anyone would be interested in playing Aurera-Global RL tibia server with 700-900 people online daily? Because I'm forming a Waring/leveling guild with guys that use team speak and know what they are doing. If anyone would like to join or wanna play let me know
  8. Blinkz

    Looking for English people on Aurera-Global.

    Just seeing if anyone here plays there? Because forming a Waring/leveling guild with guys that use team speak and know what they are doing. If anyone would like to join or wanna play let me know
  9. Blinkz

    Goober's Beta

    I don't know if anyone of you guys remember this old ass server but Frost basically did a complete revamp of it and today is the first day of beta... Should come join a few of us from otland.
  10. Blinkz

    Why OTClient doesn't work

    Does anyone have any idea why the OTClient doesn't work on some some peoples laptops/desktops? Personally it works on my desktop but when I try to run it on my laptop it completely freezes when I enter my account info, but this has only recently started happening. Maybe a few months
  11. Blinkz

    Anything decent to play?

    I'm just looking to see if anyone is playing an even half way decent server?
  12. Blinkz

    Custom Client Login Freezes

    So if anyone could help me find the source of me not being able to use certain custom clients it would be greatly appreciated... When i try to load my character list the client freezes and I end up having to force quit it. Any ideas?
  13. Blinkz


    Anyone play at all on this server or whatever? trying to get a few people to PK with and such lol
  14. Blinkz

    What is with all the RL servers?

    I don't know if it's just me or what... But all these RL tibia servers are making me sick. Where did all the creativity go.... Back in the day there were so many awesome servers that you sometimes couldn't play them all. Now there is waiting for servers to be released for years and RL servers...
  15. Blinkz


    Does someone think they could make me a kool 250x200 logo with the name Faded Stunz in it?
  16. Blinkz

    Xbox Live Watch Our Videos ;)

    Come subscribe we just opened our new channel and trying to work ourselves back up to 10k subscribers :D
  17. Blinkz

    Scripter I Need a scripter badly