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    100% handmade map inspired by old Relenica map **Still in Progress**

    Looks nice, keep ur work up! u've got my like
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    Team Legacy 8.6

    Still looking for someone to help?
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    Team need beta testers for new project global ot 10.90 online dedicated server

    Why not create a English server instead? You are on a English forum asking for a tester for a Brazilian server (I suppose).
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    Decent PC, poor performance.

    How long have you been using this personal computer?
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    Team Sigmee [ Open-Tibia Small Business ]

    HAHAHHA. you are funny my sir. GL trying to be CIP soft 2.
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    Windows RME stopped

    3.2 RME
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    Windows RME stopped

    I try'd everything you wrote, I did restart my pc like 5 times, deleting the file restart, replacing the file. Nothing works, still the same error.
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    Windows RME stopped

    Can't start the programma correctly (0xc000007b) Click OK to stop the program
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    Team Looking for Staff.

    Interested in any kind of position, I'm an active player who most of the day play Tibia, I have some experience in scripting. I also got experience as an GM. PM me for more information.
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    Windows RME stopped

    Hello Otlanders, Today I wanted to map a bit for a new server I'm creating so I wanted to start RME and I got an error that it has stopped. I can't start RME at all, and I did install C+ and dot NET. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    Gaming Equipment

    Headset: Plantronics .Audio 326 Stereo PC Headset Mouse: Logitech Mouse M100 Keyboard: APPLE Wireless Keyboard I'm a gamer you know.
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    Illusion 7.6

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    Illusion 7.6

    Yes for me it was 5-6 year, but i'm interested if people would play this again, do you?
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    Illusion 7.6

    Hello Otlanders, Do you guys all remember illusion on a 7.6 client. I was addicted to that map and how the gameplay was, it was just perfect for me. Now I want to open another illusion 7.6 server with a little of my touch you know, a but more hunting places, balanced vocations, more thing to...
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    Gamemaster Helysia Looking For Staff

    I'm interested in any kind of position, kinda looking for a community these days. Feel free to PM me if you need more information of any kind. Best regards, Sickem
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    6 years later

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    Hoster Trixxarn´s Hosting Service

    bad english, 4 posts, no reputation, looks like a scammer to me too.
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    Gaming My Little Paladin

    Nice, gz on new level !
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    Who acctually still plays rltibia?

    I do play it sometimes, been creating a new account level 33 knight now. lol. World Nebula, but I wanna find some people to play with, I dont care which world I have to play on :)