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    Adding custom items to market TFS 1.X

    Hello! How can I add my custom itens to the market? Thanks.
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    Editing non-stackable items to stackable on Item Editor 0.3.7

    Hi! I'm trying to change an item from non-stackable to stackable with otbm editor. However, when I select stackable and save the otbm the client crashes. Is it possible to make an item stack while still using the standard 10.77 client?
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    Lua Add conditions to special food [TFS 1.X]

    Hi! I want to add some of the "special foods" to my server, like Carrot Cake, id 10000, for instance. It add a +10 distance for an hour. Anyone could help me?
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    Lua Adding new potions to Alchemy system [TFS 1.2]

    Hello! I'm using this amazing system by RazorBlade Here's the thing, I want to make this system also brew the regular potions of the game, besides the special effects ones used now. So for that I customized a...
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    Hi! Is it possible to make a standard quest chest that triggers a modalwindow to choose items from? Thank you.
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    Lua Trying to mimic an action function to another one

    Hi, i want to copy a part of this script so that the mined stones also "grow back" like the trees do in this other script. here's the working woodcutting script i'm using: local config = { trees = {2701,2702,2703,2704,2705,2706,2707,2708,2709,2710,2712,2717,2718,2720,2722}, t = { [{1, 100}] =...
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    Hi. I once knew about the existance of a system for players to build their on houses from scratch. Does anyone know something about that? Thanks.
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    Explaining the fishing.lua chance algorithm - TFS 1.2

    Hi! I'm trying to make it possible for the player to catch other kinds of fish (as well as trash) from the fishing on regular water areas. I managed to make it possible to fish other stuff, in this case i'm testing with worn boots, fish remains, fish tail, etc. This is my fishing.lua: local...