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    OTCLient - view screen height and width.

    Is here anyone who know how to get pixels height and width of current view screen?
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    OTClient - undefined references (cmake)

    Its there anybody who solved this?
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    AAC Znoteacc paypal bug.

    Hello, Today i noticed some errors in my znote_paypal this error but only sometimes: What might be wrong? ERROR: Invalid data...
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    Solved How to get time left to X hour.

    For expamle i want to get time left to hour 18:00, any ideas?
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    Solved How enable gdb on windows.

    Hello, Anyone here who know how to enable gdb on windows to see crash reports? Couldn't find any good information on internet.
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    Not possible to connect server (avesta 7.4)

    Hello, Today i decided to open my own server but the problem is that public peoples can't login. Everything works fine when using local ip I'm able to login. Here's done things i've done so far: I fowarded ports: Server console looks like that: ipconfig: Also i disabled Windows...
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    Solved How to get all items from pos.

    Hello, Anyone know how to get all items from certain position? As far i have this but this function depends from stackpos, thats the problem. pos = {x=pos.x,y=pos.y,z=pos.z,stackpos = 1} for _, item in pairs(getTileThingByPos(pos)) do print(getItemName(item)) end If i...
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    Solved Loop issues.

    Hello, I've got loop: for i = 1, 4 do print(i) db.query("UPDATE `player_items` SET `serialId` = "..i.." WHERE `serialId` = 0") end "Print" returns: 1 2 3 4 But the "db.query" in database returns 1 1 1 1 Why it happens?
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    Every new item different serial id. (Database)

    Hello, Anyone have some ideas how and where to create function that will set different serial id to every new item created in database player_items and tile_items? Same as in this screen: Function can be in source or lua doesn't really matter.
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    Animation text ticks

    Any ideas how to change animation text ticks per frame abit lower same as in cipsoft client?
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    Lua How to exit server exe via lua.

    Couldn't find anything. Is there any lua function to exit server exe if not maybe in source? For example in OTClient the func looks like that "g_app.exit()"
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    Lua How to get item actionid from database using queries

    Hello, I wonder whether is possible to get item actionid from database using query "db.getResult"? Basically i need to update player certain items with same ids using queries Any ideas how to do it?
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    OTClient Service.

    Welcome to OTClient Service. Hello, I'd like to sell my services as OTClient support. What I can help you with: - Setting up an OTClient for your server also I can change anything you want in this. - Create working OTClient for every server which using custom client or not. -...
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    Keep miniwindows only in right panel.

    Hello OTland, What fix would be best idea to keep miniwindows only in right panel like in cipsoft client?
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    Text size in buttons.

    Hello, Where supposed to be configuration for "ButtonBox" text size? I mean "Ok" "Cancel" buttons. I couldn't figure out.
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    Solved How to get total items weight from table.

    Hello OTlanders, Anyone know how to get total items weight from table. For example i've got table with 3 item ids: rewards = {2544, 2495, 2544} And now i want total weight of these 3 items. How to do it? I can do like that but its not flexible with rewards count...
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    Lua getContainerItem problem.

    I wanna get every item in backpack but why it doesn't work? This showing empty lines in console instead of item names. containeruid = (getTileItemById({x=17830, y=21539, z=7}, 1988).uid) -- backpack id it's on the ground for slot = 0, getContainerSize(containeruid)-1 do local item =...
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    [Idea] Tibia cam in OTClient

    I think great idea would be implement tibianic tools to otclient for tibia cam. Source is here: What you guys think about it?
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    7.70 RSA / XTEA encryption

    I just wondering if someone from otclient developers like Summ or LordHepipud trying to fix RSA / XTEA encryption for 7.70 support. Personally i noticed it's too hard for me and i want otclient developers response here, what they think about it or maybe it's almost done. Please answer.
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    OTClient console.

    Hello OTlanders, I wondering how to remove this ugly console someone know how?