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  1. Magnetico

    Cloud Atlas

    SPOILERS ALERT! Well, I started to read this book in english and I understood shit 'cause that's not my native language, so I decided to wait for the movie, as I watched it I understood shit too. In the end after reading a timeline I finally understood it, I think. Also, it was PRETTY funny...
  2. Magnetico

    Gandalf or Dumbledore?

    I know this is a very discussed theme among all of us geeks, but I've been having this argument with a friend that has lasted DAYS about who is a better wizard and I'd like to hear some of what you think. Please, explain your answer.
  3. Magnetico

    Scripter Needing someone to script with me... (or teach me)

    Hello there! As you may know, I am a Mapper, I hope you have seen my work, if not, here's a LINK to it, explore it a bit, you will see I am talented with that... but not with scripting. If you're too lazy to check on my Mapping Thread, I will post some of my latest mapping here...
  4. Magnetico

    New skill?

    Is it possible to create a brand new skill without replacing an existing one?
  5. Magnetico

    Halo 4 en español

    Para quienes no han comprado el Halo 4 aún, háganse un favor Y NO LO COMPREN hasta que salga en inglés o esté la versión en inglés descargable, porque créanme cuando les digo que en verdad APESTA la "traducción" que han hecho. No solo en México, como podrán ver: Halo Waypoint: No English...
  6. Magnetico

    MPG to PPJ

    I've got a problem with my Mac... I recorded a video with my cellphone and it saved on .MPG and no software on Mac can open it, it says that I need to convert it to PPJ, PREL or PRPROJ, if anyone knows about a software or a method of how to convert my file into that, please, that would be A LOT...
  7. Magnetico

    My Tibia Tales!~

    Paladin Armor, BOH & K-Legs are mine. ;> __//Magnetico I also bought this beautiful item:
  8. Magnetico

    [Guide] How to take Ingame images properly

    EDITED: POSTED A BETTER AND QUICKER WAY TO UPLOAD AND TAKE YOUR INGAME SCREENSHOTS, JUST SCROLL DOWN. FINALLY I have decided to make a full guide about how to take a high quality ingame screenshot. I hope it's usefull and I hope you read it! Here's how your screenshot will look after...
  9. Magnetico

    Ciliar - Teasers~

    Hey y'all! I'm creating this new thread to show the Teasers we have and the new ones, I know some of the images here have been already shown, but this thread is to keep people tunned with the project. Here are the links to the project's site and to the Hosted Forum on OtFans: Ciliar -...
  10. Magnetico

    Magnetico Showoff

    Starting this new thread, because on the old one, most of the mapping I showed is now lost... On this new thread, I will show my latest mapping, I hope I get the feedback I got on the first thread and better! The Kingdom of Banefield, one of the most powerfull kingdoms on the Middle Earth...
  11. Magnetico

    [OtLand] How to...?

    Hey, gotta question. :/ How do I get a Hosted Project Board?
  12. Magnetico

    [iTouch] BIG problem!

    Yesterday was my birthday and I got an iTouch and I've been trying to upload songs to it and I just simply can't, I have uploaded like only 5 songs and I don't f**ing know why I can't upload more... I conect my iPod and I open my iTunes, everything's fine, then I select some songs to upload'em...
  13. Magnetico

    Needing some help with sprites

    Hey OTLand! I have some kind of problem with the sprites, I have some sprites but I have them as .bmp (an image) and I want to insert them into the map editor and into my Tibia, does anyone knows how to do that? I'LL REP! :thumbup:
  14. Magnetico

    Kingdom Age screens! (Post your own)

    Hello OTLand! In this thread you can post your own screenshot of your character in Kingdom Age, you can show that you upgraded a level or that you bought a new spell, anything! Have Fun, coment, and post your own screen! ^_^ Me at Erembor's beautiful temple (I'm still newbie)
  15. Magnetico

    Does anyone know what happened to Kingdom Age?

    I've been trying to enter to Kingdom Age and I can't, I've seen some pictures of people who can, but actually yesterday, they posted something on their page that it was going to be online temporarily, they don't say why or anything, does anyone knows what's going on???:confused: And another...
  16. Magnetico

    The NexOT Project

    Teaser I - NexOT's Homepage You can always have fun into the city that NexOT offers. There are always the players who are stronger and richer than you. You can always ask them for something. It looks like this lucky player has gotten himself a rare item! Hope he can sell it at the...
  17. Magnetico

    Free Tibet!

    For those who wants the Tibet to be free as they deserve to be, please, at least put this image as your signature like I did...
  18. Magnetico

    Ithilien - Archer's City

    Ithilien - Archer's City Here is one of the best cities I've ever made before Arghumenta and all that stuff. I will upload images soon. But, I think that you will like it, just download it and see. ;)
  19. Magnetico

    [Teaser 1]The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess (Ordon Village)

    The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess Ordon Village Ordon Village is Link's hometown in Twilight Princess. It is a simple village located in southern Hyrule just south of the Faron Woods whose existence largely depends upon agriculture and ranching. As such, its functioning relies very much...
  20. Magnetico

    Some sprites

    I saved those images a long time ago, I don't know who made those, but I didn't. I like them tough. Bastard Sword Bronze Sword Buckle Shield [NO NAME] Cooper Shield Extintor GameBoy Giant Bright Sword Giant Sword Great Sword Kite Shield...