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  1. emanuelscom

    In service of yalahar quest..

    Well i started playing again with my sorcerer (i didnt use it like 3 or 4 months) so i decided to continue with yalahar quest (i was in mission 7 the one of the quaras). I went to Maritima said "quara" and when i came back to the npc's i still cant proceed with the quest, so i went kill the...
  2. emanuelscom


    Well i have bought a house for 2 gps (? xD and now i want to know if i have to pay every month.. do i have to pay every month? if yes.. how much?
  3. emanuelscom

    Marry System..

    There is no Marry System right..? or im crazy? >.<
  4. emanuelscom

    Kissing a Pig Quest..

    That quest doesnt work right? I didnt found "Pig npc" and also went to "Hoggle" npc and he doesnt answer when i say him "garden" :/ Spoiler Here: Kissing a Pig Quest/Spoiler - TibiaWiki - Quests, Items, Spells, and more
  5. emanuelscom

    I Have Been Hacked.

    Hello Mi char's name is Knight Wendy and someone hack me and he/she is using mi char. now i'm using a char: Lady Thuka if u can help me msg me pls. **wendy**:$
  6. emanuelscom

    Mi House has a bug

    I have a house: 16:36 You see an open door. It belongs to house 'Venore House #1'. Knight Wendy owns this house. but in the monks there is pz and i can't skill. :S