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  1. Madlander

    Team Looking for Alpha Testers (promotion to Beta Testers on a near future)

    Hi there guys, long time I not post in Otland... well , lets start. I am taking more seriously my Game projects so I am retaking one project based on OT. For the moment I am requiring (not the most talented but the most enthusiastic) players to join into my first 'Official' Closed Alpha. Here...
  2. Madlander

    Confirm Dialog?

    Hi folks!, Is there something like 'JS' confirm dialog for OtClient ? Thanks for your reply. :)))
  3. Madlander

    Do you believe on OTServer's RPG?

    hi guys! the main thread here is pretended to clear the idea of some Developers that usually visit Otland (especially those who develop 'RPGs') And i'll extend the Question: Do you believe on RPG developed inside of each server which their title name or description includes the letters 'RPG'...
  4. Madlander

    Windows Issue while compiling ForgottenServer 1.2

    i tried to compile in my windows7 and i got this problem halp :,(
  5. Madlander

    Madlander's SPR

    The Evil Golbezt Colorable Winged Mage Colour Bears Orc Guardian from 'Delirium Castle' Mice Dragon Bark
  6. Madlander

    What happened to 'Elf'

    WELL...I am an old user here in otland, pretty inactive but always developing a proyect in backgroud...and the user Elf was a specie of heroe (or something like that xd). What happened to him?
  7. Madlander

    Sobre 'Amarillismo'/Mentiras y Publicidad pretenciosa en ots.

    Estas semanas las tengo de reposo por incapacidad en un brazo.. asi que me animé a compartir un poco de tiempo con la comunidad hispana de Otland~ No sé ustedes pero opino que desde siempre han dejado mucho ser (muy permisivos) a los que hacen promoción de sus servidores... ¿Por qué lo digo...
  8. Madlander

    [][] How to Update IP of Server when the .exe is already running [][]

    Hi, my questions is the Title of the Thread When i run my server and it detect the ip of my pc (or internet, idk xD) ¿How can it udate it if the IP is not the same anymore? I hope this explanation has been clearly Cya n-n
  9. Madlander

    [@] Follow Me On Twitter!!!

    Hey Hi Guys, i want to open this thread to post their Twitters I want to follow you , and (if u want to follow me) here is my Twitter ^^!!! Cya and post their Twitters !!!! :D
  10. Madlander

    [][] ] SPR Protection [][]

    How can i Extract the .spr of a Custom Client??? and How can i protect the Custom Client of this??? i guest it is an important topic of protection for all who have custom proyects!!! , i hope u can explain the problem and the solution of that... Regard!!!!!
  11. Madlander

    [Mexico] OpenTibia [Real Map Client 8.6]

    Join To the OpenTibia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ip: Port: 7171 Client Version: 8.60 Account Manager: 1/1 Exp: x10 Skills: x5 Magic: x5 Loot: x2 Server Based in Thunderion Proyect, include all it Quests, Custom Areas and Commands PD: This is a Test Server, The real one will...
  12. Madlander

    [RPG] ¿¿Porque Jugar Madland Mexico??

    Que tal todos, primeramente les explicaré el proposito de mi Tema. Trata sobre las ventajas y posibles oportunidades (para ustedes) de jugar Madland, no lo hago unicamente con el afan de darme a conocer, sino tambien hacerles ver que voy enserio con este proyecto y se animen a darle almenos una...
  13. Madlander

    [][]Perfecto Sistema de Quests[][]

    Admiren mi Creacion :D Bueno es todo, hasta pronto :)
  14. Madlander

    Lua ¿¿ Why all not use the collectgarbage() ?? [] []

    I tested the garbage collector in several samples of "full-use memory" and this tool is very nice :P My test: ¿¿What is the Garbage Collector?? SEE:Lua for Beginners
  15. Madlander

    Lua How to Know the efficiency of an Script [] []

    Hello All!!!. I was asking myself..... ¿its possible to know the performance or efficiency of "X" script? For Example: when the server execute "script.lua" , an message in console says the (time of execution=efficiency). ¿Exist such Function in lua?
  16. Madlander

    [][] Colorable Items and Effects [][]

    Its Possible give color to an item and effects as the outfits??, i know it is possible, but.,.... how do it??. Thanks to All :P !!!!!
  17. Madlander

    [][] onUseWeapon(cid, var) (Only a Question) [][]

    Hi Everybody. My Question is this: ¿This function have the parameter of the item that is being used by the player? and if it is correct, ¿How ca i use it? (as actions: ¿¿¿onUse(cid,item)???) Thanks for ur Time! :)
  18. Madlander

    [][] Activate the Third Addon [][]

    Hello All, my question is that. ¿¿¿How could be activated the Third Addon???, im using 0.3.6 Thanks for Watching ;)
  19. Madlander

    Mi Primer Tutorial!

    Hola chicos, creo que no tengo nada que hacer, asi que les presento mi primer video-tutorial hecho con un programa Profesional. No esperen milagros en la calidad, es mi primer video despues de todo ¬¬, trata sobre un tutorial del juego que desarrollo, ojala sea de su agrado ^^...
  20. Madlander

    [][] Saving certain Items at "Map Cleaning" [][]

    Hi Again, ¿Its possible apply this function without modificate the C++ Source of Server? Example: The modified "Map Cleaner" will erase all the items in ground (usually it does that), except certain items (Specific Id,ActionId,UniqueId,Position, Area) That was my Questions......Thanks...