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  1. abobakrwaheed74

    100 ED Antica

    I wanna sell 100 ed in Antica with ml 60 it's not registered and it has pally lvl 35 on the same account with skills almost 80 msg if you're interested
  2. abobakrwaheed74

    VPS Real map

    Hello, I bought VPS RAM: 12GB, 2 Cores, Windows, i'm going to host Real map server on it(map size 135mb), I wanted to know if it's gonna be ok and what's the maximum players can join?, is there a way to remote linux in other way than commands etc
  3. abobakrwaheed74

    Stamina bonus bugged

    Premium stamina bonus not working, I got full stamina but xp gain rate is 100% it should be 150%, tfs 1.2, 10.98
  4. abobakrwaheed74

    Duelling arena script

    Few days ago I saw duelling arena script like real tibia's, I bookmarked it but I can't find it can anyone pass it's link? Thanks
  5. abobakrwaheed74

    Compiling Tfs 0.4 Map problem

    I've been hosting a server for a while but few days ago, console stopped with error compile in 64 Bit or decrese map, I tried to use that Laatido thing but didnt work, and I can't decrease the map, so can someone post a good compiling tutorial? i cant deal with the old ones p.s using VPS ram 8gb...
  6. abobakrwaheed74

    AAC [Znote AAC] Paypal Points problem

    I use the latest znote aac (version 1.5), someone donated today, and he didn't receive points, if anybody can help me fix it i'll be grateful p.s first donation, didn't test the donating system before Thanks
  7. abobakrwaheed74

    Gamemaster [Estera] Looking for Tutors/Gms

    Hello Otland, i'm currently working on a well made project, and i'm really in need for Tutors/Gamemasters to work with me, help players and advertise the server everywhere. If you're intersted post your: Age Country Languages How long you've been playing tibia Automatic weekly premium points...
  8. abobakrwaheed74


    I can't find compiling sources for 0.3.6 tfs, can anyone send a link of it to me?! Thanks
  9. abobakrwaheed74

    Otservlist coins

    How much are the otservlist coins if I bought via paypal?
  10. abobakrwaheed74

    [FRANCE] Estera 8.6, pvpe - BETA

    Introduction Estera is a custom 8.6 server based on Evolutions. Estera is a balanced server which does not give a too great advantage to donating players, instead most of the strong weapons/items can be looted from event monsters or from quests. We also have very kind and helpful staff members...
  11. abobakrwaheed74

    MySQL problem

    each time I try to create an account i recieve this error(I use znote 1.5, client 8.6, tfs 0.3.6) string(751) "INSERT INTO `players`(`name`, `group_id`, `account_id`, `level`, `vocation`, `health`, `healthmax`, `experience`, `lookbody`, `lookfeet`, `lookhead`, `looklegs`, `looktype`...
  12. abobakrwaheed74

    premium account

    How to buy otland's premium account?
  13. abobakrwaheed74

    Avesta 0.6.5

    I need Avesta 0.6.5 for 7.6, really important!!!!! the 0.6.5 link doesn't work thanks
  14. abobakrwaheed74

    Gesior aac

    I downloaded gesior aac made for 7.6 otserver(avestia) link Gesior 7.6 Everything on the website works fine except when i try to enter the account management page it shows that error
  15. abobakrwaheed74

    Znote AAC 7.6

    Is it possible to use znote aac for 7.6 ot server(it's called avesta -_-) I need znote aac for 7.6
  16. abobakrwaheed74

    Solved MySQL problem

    Everytime I try to start apache while doing MySQL database it shows that error p.s this error came after fixing like 10 dlls, I tried Xampp, uniserver and wampp and still the same problem Thanks :) Edit: Windows 2012r2
  17. abobakrwaheed74

    Uniform server error 509

    Why everytime i open that error appears p.s i tried different devices
  18. abobakrwaheed74

    Action Manarune depends on lvl, ml (My first script)

    It's a manarune script, it's healing value depends on players ml, level and it's base healing is 4500 1.4 is the number that's multiplied to the base each lvl and ml it will send a text of the amount healed mana with random color between 1 and 254 also magic effect between 1 and 40 works on tfs...
  19. abobakrwaheed74

    vps setup

    I wanna ask about something in vps setup Hostname: what's that?! ns1 prefix ns2 prefix root password
  20. abobakrwaheed74

    If,Else, Elseif,

    If you have any problem with understanding if,else,elseif, you should try to work on scratch, it's really simpe, drag and drop the codes Link: