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  1. lewis1234

    Team Looking for a mapper!

    As my website is coming together now i'll be looking for a mapper for my highrate server. I have built a custom map just to get the scripts and features to work but it's very bad atm. i need a mapper to join in me in making a unique map. (8.6) Message me with any work you have done or if...
  2. lewis1234

    Webdesigner website

    I'd like someone to design me a website template. i can offer money if needed.
  3. lewis1234

    AAC Website help

    Can someone help me get my moving background to work on my aac layout please. i have my logo of my ot with lightning flashing behind it but for some reason it won't work with my aac. i have teamviewer.
  4. lewis1234

    Merry christmas

    i haven't been on here in awhile but merry christmas to you all new and old!
  5. lewis1234

    Pacman event teleport help!

    tfs 8.6 4.0 is there anyway someone can add it so when the teleport is created, it is also created with an actionid local createpos = {x=1090,y=1022,z=2} -- Every 15min where will the Teleport Appear local topos = {x=947,y=1096,z=9} -- Where will the Teleport take you local msg = "Pac man...
  6. lewis1234

    Team Any otland landers wanna help

    Server The server is an 8.6 high-exp kinda like otmadness/forgottenl combined it has many unique features including. Pk coins when you kill a player that will be made into donations coins, custom damage system, unique anni anymore info pm me. Scripter Hey guys, it's been awhile since i've been...
  7. lewis1234

    Team Looking for a mapper to help me

    Currently making my own custom map, but i'm just an average mapper looking for a dedicated mapper to help me make a complete custom map that will turn into a server when ready. pm me in your interested!
  8. lewis1234

    Manarune for 10.76 server?

    Script for a manarune that heals the same constantly, for 10.76 can't find one anywhere
  9. lewis1234

    Armonia map anyone want to help?

    Hey guys! recently started making an ot and it so happens to be a armonia map you might ask why would you choose a armonia map out of the other current popular tibia maps ex: Evolutions my answer to that would be i've loved the armonia map for a long time, since i started tibia actually I've...
  10. lewis1234

    Cannot put items on ground? REP+

    Hello guys im using.. cryingdamson 0.3.6 (8.60) V7 this is a long story but i will try my best to explain! I had a problem with my pvp and notting was working... and it was something to do with the pvp status in config.lua... so.. i changed the config.lua and it worked but then i relogged and...
  11. lewis1234

    Solved Temple help Please!! :)

    Hello guys... well that's get straight to the point, im not a good mapper.. But i think i am getting better... i am currently making an ot.. i have mapped everything else.. i am just really stuck on the temple.. i dont know how to start it.. or what the general temple would look like.. so if...
  12. lewis1234

    Olympic Closing Ceremony!

    Sup Guys what's everyone thinking about the olympic Closing Ceremony? :)
  13. lewis1234

    [Gesior Acc] 3.6.0

    Hello guys when i click on Acc manager in my website this error shows up Using gesior acc 3.6.0..Crying damons (8.60) V5 Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'E_OTS_NotLoaded' in C:\xampp\htdocs\gesior\pot\OTS_Account.php:423 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\gesior\accountmanagement.php(23)...
  14. lewis1234

    Mysql Error REP+

    Hello When i open my ot after like a minute i get this Error mysql_real_query(): INSERT INTO `lottery` (`name`, `item`) VALUES ('Admin Critical', 'crystal coin'); - MYSQL ERROR: Table 'lmaoot.lottery' doesn't exist (1146) Anyone got Any ideas? Btw if u need this kind of info-...
  15. lewis1234

    What is your Best Kind of Server?

    HighExp- xD Rl Map- :D Medium Exp say Evolutions Server 100-1000 kind of thing-- ;} Low Exp- x20 Or something - :L Post the Face of which u like best :) xD
  16. lewis1234

    Shop System Gesior 0.3.6

    Hmm Hello...I recently Got a website running Everything's ok But one Thing.. the shop system When i buy the item of Shop Offer and i click Transfer Ingame all i get is: >> Forever Amulet! << from OTS shop is waiting for you. Please make place for this item in your backpack/hands and wait...
  17. lewis1234

    Website Help Please! REP+

    Hello I am new To Website making And Editing them and stuff :/ so Can anyone talk me through What i need to do First or maybe Go on Teamviewer with me and get me the basic Setup? :/ anyone who even try's to Help me i will give them a REP+ :w00t:
  18. lewis1234

    Script Please ;) REP+

    Nvm Solved! :)
  19. lewis1234

    Training monk Script :)

    Hello i dont know if this is possible But my friend made a Rpg and Wanted it so people cant just Exit tibia and bot all night So he wanted a Script so when they kill a Training monk they get sent to Temple if u understand me :) Rep+ if u can help xD
  20. lewis1234

    Windows Not working :s

    Hey guys, cannot run server as it says Cannot establish connection to SQL Database. Any suggestions?:D