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    [PHP] Top Deaths Script Help

    I need someone to change this top fraggers php script to display top player deaths please. Thanks <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $main_content .= '<div style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;">Top 30 fraggers on ' . htmlspecialchars($config['server']['serverName']) . '</div>...
  2. Sync

    Remove All Items On Death

    Would someone be so kind to make me a script that will remove ALL the items/Equipment INCLUDING backpack from a player on death? Thanks.
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    [USA] Dolera 8.6 RL Map Pvp-Enforced

    Today marks the day that greatness is put back into the OTServer World. Your probably wondering why, and the answer to that question is that a Pvp-Enforced RL Map Server is online and ready for wars. •IP: •Port: 7171 •Online 24/7 •Exp when you kill a higher level player. •AOL's cost...
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    [PHP] Stopping ' from being used in name.

    I dont know alot of PHP so I need some simple help fixing this problem with creating characters on the website with a ' in the name. It affects my onLook creaturescript. This is the line of accountmanagement.php im trying to edit to block it. function checkName() {...
  5. Sync

    [USA] Kinera [8.6 PvpE Rl Map]

    Welcome to the BEST Rl Map Pvp-E Server! •Online 24/7 •Hosted on Dedicated Server/ ABSOLUTELY NO LAG/ NO DOWNTIME •Exp when you kill a higher level player. •Pvp Protection up untill level 80. (You will be teleported to temple and given full health untill you reach level 80+ to...
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    Solved Send Players to Temple on prepareDeath

    I've been struggling with this script for the last day trying every different way from using Db querys and doCreatureAddHealth function but nothing works. Im using TFS 0.3.6 V5 Edited by OtSWE (The script is just basic untill i get the AddHealth Function to work) local towns = { thais =...
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    Hosting with Telus

    I've been away from the OT community for quite some time now but i am back. What im wondering is, Is there anyone else Hosting Open Tibia Servers from canada? I just recently moved and I set up Telus as my internet provider. Problem is (I Found this out after already purchased) they apparently...
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    Bringing Back UmbyOTs

    I have been thinking for a long time about deciding whether or not to recreate this Project. And I have decided that it is time to do so if no one is going to step up to the plate to create a decent open tibia war server. I absolutely loved umbys years and years ago, it was most definitely the...
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    Interests Of Todays Players

    I am in a debate to recreate a classic 8.6 real map server. I have a few questions about how open-tibia is now before I decide to do so. •I have absolutely no interest in using a updated client where the PVP system requires no skill and team work. So I will be using a 8.6 client, Do a majority...
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    [USA] Kinera 8.6 RL Map

    Welcome to launch of KineraReBorn, We are back to make OpenTibia history. With our professional scripters and management we plan to do nothing but advance in our goal of making the best OpenTibia Server. We are welcome to all ideas, thoughts and improvements. Some may ask why we are still...
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    What Would You like To See?

    I retired from any tibia based activities for the last 3 years but I am now back to create the next best 8.6 RL Map War Server. I herd from numerous people that there aren't any good RL Map OTs out there anymore. So I would like your input on what you think should be added to make this the...
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    Internet = Ran by Retards?

    Hello, I would like to share something that just currently happened to me that I find to be extremely Retarted. So this is what happened, I started hosting another OT. The open Tibia server got pretty decent sized within a Week. On the 8th day it seems that someone was Unpleased with the...
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    CreatureEvent Record IP Onlogin (Simple But usefull)

    What i've created is a simple script to record a players IP in a collum in the database each login. (Might have already been created, But i am not sure.) ALTER TABLE players ADD ip varchar(255) NOT NULL <event type="login" name="recordIp" event="script" value="recordIp.lua"/> function...
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    [USA] Mysidia 8.6 PvpE RL Map

    We would like to introduce you to Mysidia. The best pvp-enforced server thats been online in a while! IP: Mysidia.No-Ip.Info Port: 7171 Mysidia Rates: • Client: 8.60 • Experience: stages (see below) • Magic Level: 23x • Loot Rate: 4x • Skill Rate: 60x • Pvp-E Rate: 3x • White...
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    War Server Ideas?

    Just curious to hear your guy's great War Server ideas and thoughts, feel free to share :)
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    [USA] TrueTibia is Back.

    Website : www.True-Tibia.Com «Intro» Have you grown frustrated with today's tibia? Do you dream of tibia reverting back to its roots? Do you want stability and features without the crap? Well TrueTibia is the answer to all those questions and all others that CipSoft have created...
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    UnderGround Rap

    Dear People, If your one of those People that like Lil Wayne and all those other Pussy Rappers that are flooding the T.V with fake Rap this is NOT the thread for you. What I've done is Created a Facebook Page where people can Post links to some of there good UnderGround Rap where other...
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    UnderGround Rap Needs your Support!

    Dear People, If your one of those People that like Lil Wayne and all those other Pussy Rappers that are flooding the T.V with fake Rap this is NOT the thread for you. What I've done is Created a Facebook Page where people can Post links to some of there good UnderGround Rap where other...
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    [USA] Kinera 8.6

    ews: With all brand new members the Kinera team would like welcome everyone to this glorious moment. If you would like any help, or have any questions, feel free to message one of the Gods that will be on at all hours of the day. During this time I would also like to ask anyone who is willing...
  20. Sync

    Action Record Custom Spawn Donation

    This is a Simple script, And can be used for many other things beside this, This is basically showing players how they can record log files... This script basically just records that a player has donated for a Custom Spawn of Dragon Lords, They will use the Item they got through the shop...