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  1. Ninja

    [8.0][TFS 1.x] Realera - Real Map

    Hi, This is an old real map project by @Printer. I received this project from him one or two years ago, and I haven't done anything with it ever since (essentially it's just collecting dust on my hard drive). Since I've got his permission to do whatever I want with this, I thought I would share...
  2. Ninja

    [TFS 1.x] Paintball Event

    Original Author: @Bogart Original Thread: [MOD] Paintball event 0.4/0.3.6pl1 (Read here for more information) Rewritten to work with TFS 1.x. Minor modifications is required for TFS 1.0 (onStepIn & onSay). Git gist: [TFS 1.x] Paintball Event (I would appreciate if you can post any errors that...
  3. Ninja

    OtLand Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Greetings OTLand! We, the OTLand staff, would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May it bring you joy, happiness, and everything else you deserve. Happy Holidays, and thank you all for the year we have had together! Let's hope that we still have many more years to...
  4. Ninja

    [8.60] The Forgotten Server 1.2

    The Forgotten Server 1.2 - Support for game protocol 8.6 This is based on the latest revision of The Forgotten Server. I haven't tested this thoroughly, so please be cautious when using this. The datapack is not completely compatible with 8.6 (still need to remove newer ids, monsters, spells et...
  5. Ninja

    [10.76] Oramond

    Map Information: Compatible with the official items.otb Houses are not added It does not have the newest areas that came in 10.7(?) There may be bugged borders, let me know! Some areas does not have accurate spawns (it will be fixed once the map is complete) Change Log: 10/4/2015 Fixed a few...
  6. Ninja

    [10.35] Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell

    House Information: TibiaWiki House Position: 33474, 31299, 9 Map Download: Mega
  7. Ninja

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.x] KD ratio

    KD Ratio Originally written for TFS 1.2, but will operate on TFS 1.0 (with minor modifications) & 1.1 as well.
  8. Ninja

    [Windows] How to set path environment variables for TFS 1.0

    I've seen users having troubles with the official compiling guide (path environment variables to be precise) and in this tutorial I will show how you set path environment variables properly. Let us start with Step 2 (step 2 from the official guide) where we are supposed to run...
  9. Ninja

    Feature [TFS 1.0] Enable/Disable emoted spells on your character

    enums.h replace enum StorageValues_t { STORAGEVALUE_PROMOTION = 30018 }; with enum StorageValues_t { STORAGEVALUE_PROMOTION = 30018, STORAGEVALUE_EMOTE = 30019 }; game.cpp replace bool Game::playerSaySpell(Player* player, SpeakClasses type, const std::string& text) {...
  10. Ninja

    Feature [TFS 1.2] Combat Parameter - COMBAT_PARAM_PVPDAMAGE

    TFS[1.2] Combat Parameter - COMBAT_PARAM_PVPDAMAGE Increase, or decrease spells damage in PvP Changelog: Support for TFS 1.2 (22/1/2016) Git Gist: Spell example local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE...
  11. Ninja

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Oi, Happy Birthday Chris! :)
  12. Ninja

    Guild Leaders Channel (9.X and 8.6)

    Guild Leaders Channel This channel is especially for Guild Leaders, where they could chat with each other about upcoming battles et cetera. It has been tested on latest revision, (protocol 9.70 r5893). Good to know - Only Guild Leaders will be able to enter the channel. - It will show their...
  13. Ninja

    Fix/Patch Mailbox weight limit.

    Good evening! I've seen several servers this year that has been crashed through sending heavy parcels to a players depot. So I thought it would be good to set a weight limit. Mailbox.cpp Locate the following code in mailbox.cpp bool Mailbox::sendItem(Creature* actor, Item* item) {...
  14. Ninja

    [Ninja] Ninja Derpette

    Character Name: Ninja Derpette Vocation: Druid Current Level: 8 [Experience: 4215] Current Magic Level: 19 Levels: • Level 8 Magic Levels: • ML 14 Achievements: Miscellaneous:
  15. Ninja

    [Modern AAC] Show outfit on website (online_players & view_character.php)

    Remember to check the outfitter.php path before writing it's not working properly. I'm going to store my outfitter.php in the public folder. [public/outfitter.php] Open system/application/views/view_character.php You can add this anywhere in the script.<tr><td...
  16. Ninja

    [Gesior AAC] Show outfit (characters & whoisonline.php)

    Hello! I've seen in averatec's thread that there's a lot of people who is asking for this, so I thought that I could show how to make this for Gesior AAC. I'm going to use the standard characters.php & whoisonline.php for this. characters.php Another version for characters.php...
  17. Ninja

    [GESIOR AAC] - Layout - Layout - A modified version of's template. Credits goes to & Zivera developers. - Zivera.rar includes: - Images - CSS files - JavaScript files How to use it. Locate following line in your config/config.php. $config['site']['layout'] = "tibiacom"; //...