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  1. Niebieski

    [Germany][Custom / 8.0] Askara RPG [SEMI HIGH RATE] | 16 JUNE 18:00 CEST

    The planned start of the Askara will take place on 16 June 2022 at 18:00 CEST and will be hosted in Europe with amazing proxies for US and BR players. Connection information: Website: https://askara.net/news Client: Custom modified 8.0 client. Experience rate: stages From Level To Level...
  2. Niebieski

    [Germany][Custom / 8.0] Tibijka RPG | ELOTH TEAM | 3 AUGUST 18:00 CEST

    We are extremely excited to announce the opening of Tibijka on 3rd August at 18:00 CEST. Over recent years we've carefully considered players feedback and worked endlessly to maintain our reputation as the best OT server available. Our last edition was met with over 2,600 players We would like...
  3. Niebieski

    [France][Custom / 8.0] Kasteria RPG | ELOTH TEAM | 1 JUNE 18:00 CET

    We are extremely excited to announce the opening of Kasteria on 1st June at 18:00 CET. Over recent years we've carefully considered players feedback and worked endlessly to maintain our reputation as the best OT server available. Our last edition was met with over 2,200 players and we can't wait...
  4. Niebieski

    [France] [8.6] Eloth | ELOTH TEAM | 5 AUGUST AT 18:00 CEST

    The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe. Create your account today! https://www.eloth.net/account/register We are extremely proud to announce the start date for our completely unique server, something you have NEVER...
  5. Niebieski

    [France] Swev-v3 8.60 BACK! 24.03.2017 18:00 CET!!

    SWEV-V3 IS STARTING AT [2017-03-24] 18:00 CET! Create your account today! http://swev-v3.eu/?subtopic=createaccount Introduction: Swev-v3 is an evolution server which existed back in 2013. We are proudly inviting you to join our server where you will be able to re-experience those times...
  6. Niebieski

    Graphic Designer Searching for someone to create a trailer video

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can create a short trailer for my upcoming otserver. More details such as price and length will be provided in PM if you are interested. Kind Regards, Niebieski.
  7. Niebieski

    Server manage service & hosting available

    Hello, have you got problem with setup your server properly? Or maybe have you got crashes on your server and you have got no idea about how to fix them? This thread is for you, I will do work for you such as: Compile for you every engine you want Compile your kernel, with newest libbosts Setup...
  8. Niebieski

    [France] Swev-v3 8.60 - legend is back!

    Swev-v3 is starting at 4 FEB 2015 at 16:00! IP: swev-v3.org website: http://swev-v3.org client: 8.60 Everything will work just as you guys were used to it, we like to keep things simple here in Swev-v3, we offer you guys a stable game-play experience, also regarding donations we need to make...
  9. Niebieski

    7.4, sharedExp

    Witam, od kilku miesięcy pracuje nad serwerkiem 7.4, wszystko jest już prawie kompletne, tylko mam pewien problem, chodzi tu głównie o shareExp w party, wszystko z mojego punktu widzenia powinno działać, ale po aktywowaniu shareda wyświetla mi się komunikat "Shared Experience has been activated...
  10. Niebieski

    Hoster Experienced hoster looking for customers

    Welcome! My nickname is Niebieski, by most people I am known from as a good owner, good hoster of best real maps servers. I was the first person who did reached 800 players online on real map server - the server was called Hestoria.net. I'm managing OT around 7 years, so if you want to choose a...
  11. Niebieski

    Team Real map 7.4

    Hello, I am looking for a team to brand-new 7.4 real map server. Server is almost done - completed website, game scripts. I'm looking for people which have much time for test everything before we go live. Currently needed: - beta testers [0/10] - c++ master [0/1] - lua master [1/2] - client...
  12. Niebieski

    Webdesigner Real map 7.4 webdesigner needed

    Hello, as the topic says. I am looking for someone who would like to join a project 7.4 real map as webdesigner. About server: It's a real map 7.72 with 7.4 graphics. Server has custom features like bonus exp in party, golden account and some extra. We have all quests from 7.4 tibia, included a...
  13. Niebieski

    [FRANCE] Bloodykills - 8.60 - Custom Map - 300 players record

    I have the honor to invite you to the second editions which will be launched already Bloodykills.pl 10/09/2014 at 17:00. The second edition will be a bit different from the previous one, on the editions focused primarily on form and balance PvP system, Now every profession is itself equal...
  14. Niebieski

    [FRANCE] Swev-v3 - 8.60 - Legend is back!

    Swev-v3 is ready to start again at 08.09.2014 - 20:00 CET! Now, it will be GOLD EDITION After couple of months of work we have finally fixed all bugs you reported since last year! Ip: swev-v3.org port: 7171 Website: http://swev-v3.org Client: 8.60 Updates: - Remapped many spawns and main city...
  15. Niebieski

    Programmer C++ programmer for 8.0 project [server files completed in 90%]

    As the topic says, I need a C++ programmer for 8.0 project. The server will be based on real tibia map, server is completed in 90% 95% global map(version 8.0): - all 8.0 cities - all new islands like: calassa, okolnir, raider camp, mariana etc, etc.. - 90% global spawns(real tombs spawns...
  16. Niebieski

    Programmer Downgrade 0.4 to 8.0 tibia version

    Hello, I am looking for serious person which can downgrade mine sources from 0.4 8.6 to 8.0 version. Post there your offers
  17. Niebieski

    [POLAND][8.6] Tilmera - real map, low rates, full rpg system! CHECK IT

    Ip: Tilmera.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Website: Tilmera.pl - The Best Open Tibia Server in 2013 Hosted in: First of all, finally, We have overcome the problem of DDoS attacks (which you saw in the previous servers from three months did not meet even a single attack on our machine - the server...
  18. Niebieski

    Crash (pierwszy raz od xx czasów)

    #0 0x000000000059b090 in Player::__queryMaxCount(int, Thing const*, unsigned int, unsigned int&, unsigned int) const () (gdb) bt #0 0x000000000059b090 in Player::__queryMaxCount(int, Thing const*, unsigned int, unsigned int&, unsigned int) const () #1 0x0000000000499750 in...
  19. Niebieski

    Graphic Designer & PHP Master to project

    Hello! My name is Kamil (Niebieski). I'm from Poland and I'm looking for team (Graphic Designer & PHP master) to new project. The project will be something like Hosting Service (Ventrilo's, TeamSpeak's, Minecrafts, Counter Strike, OTS etc.). If someone is interessted contact me on Otland to...
  20. Niebieski

    C++ problem

    hejka; ) mam problem, z którym nie mogę się uporać od tygodnia, otóż po kompilacji serwera (0.3.7) - tej golden "zafixowanej" edycji, gdy próbuje go uruchomić wyskakuje mi błąd tego rodzaju: [14:40:56.267] >> Loading config (config.lua) Illegal instruction , po zdebugowaniu wyskakują mi takie...