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  1. messenoire

    Version 8.x element system

    Hi my Evolutions release is making progress. It supports 8.2 protocol, but tries to answer the question "what if we kept making dumb evo servers and also cipsoft didn't make stupid updates like yalahar" and I cannot quite decide if the new element system from 8.1 is a stupid update. There will...
  2. messenoire

    Oldschool Evolutions

    Pretty much every year I come back to this game, hoping to spend nights hopping onto different dumb 8.1 Evo servers, but after the XML holocaust around update 8.2 making a dumb Evo server is ride or die mfer, either invest tons of time into customizing TFS or wade through rotten links to find...
  3. messenoire

    Implemented Disable snow

    I appreciate the gesture but these snowflakes are driving me (and my cpu) insane and if I block them, half of the forum doesn't work because it's all 1st party scripts. Can you disable them somewhere? edit: nvm found it, go to Preferences -> Disable holiday styling
  4. messenoire

    What were the blockers for you when developing a server?

    Things seem to happen here so let me stir some shit too. Let's see how many problems we can solve on our own. Don't worry I'm not demanding anything, I'll be writing code too. I just want the work to end up available for everybody and not in someone's repository on hard drive xyz in the bedroom...
  5. messenoire

    Good cloud hosting providers in Brazil?

    I'm considering launching a server overseas and I was wondering if there are any decent cloud hosters in Brazil that'd let me spin up an instance or three? Is there some kind of a brazilian Digitalocean? There's definitely a language barrier and I can pretty much only pay with PayPal.
  6. messenoire

    9.8 distro

    Hey I need a good 9.8 server. Should I be downgrading TFS (I'll manage just point me in the right direction) or is there some distro I don't know about? Thanks
  7. messenoire

    Distributions for 9.8 - custom server

    Hey, I'm developing a server and wanted to go with 9.8 since 8.6 is too limited and 10.x doesn't have the right feel for what I'm trying to create. Thing is, I definitely need modal windows. Otherwise I'd just take 0.3.7 and be done with it, since it has many features I need, except modal...
  8. messenoire

    [8.10] Evolutions Map (100% stock)

    Hi, Here's the unedited version of the Evolutions map for protocol 8.10. You know this one.
  9. messenoire

    Open old 7.92 maps in RME - a quick one

    Hi, I think this has been requested a few times so I thought I'd write a quick tutorial. It's actually reasonably easy to get RME to work with legacy OTBM files (From all the pre-TFS XML servers). So. You'll need: Remere's Map Editor 3.2 (or at least this is the one I use) Tibia 7.92 client An...
  10. messenoire

    Any love for 8.1?

    Does anyone remember these abominations, 8.1 Evo OTS? I have lots of datapacks lying around, some work suprisingly well even. Who wanna?
  11. messenoire

    Legacy pack?

    Hi, I wanted to create a pack of older servers, mostly protocol 8.00 and 8.10. Lots of these got kinda lost in the void of the internet. I'd have a look at my files and see what I can find. Would also include some tips and maybe short tutorials. Perhaps I'll find some documentation if you're all...
  12. messenoire


    What's up dudes, I used to host an Evo server back in 2009, it really was a lot of fun. Now, almost 7 years later I'm considering making one again. Problem is, I don't really know what approach to take. The only thing I know that I don't want it to be generic and same as every other Evo server...
  13. messenoire

    Let's just make something

    What's up. We see a whole lot of really cool, unique servers in development (if they ever get to run is an entirely different matter), often huge, huge projects. They have maps bigger and better than the actual Tibia map, insanely good scripts and systems, the whole nine yards. We also see a...