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  1. margoh

    [RIPOFF] Health/Mana bar.

    Hello, it is the answear to this: OTClient - Health/Mana Bars (https://otland.net/threads/health-mana-bars.274279/) Also can be used by people who wants to use custom textured bars. At this point I am not going to explain every single step, because if you modify your ui, you don't need it. Lua...
  2. margoh

    OTClient Parsing opcodes

    Hello, Straight to the point. I have made empty items otb/xml, spr/dat, added few items and everything works fine, but when I have created item that has animation, it prints error. When it's in any inventory slot: ERROR: ProtocolGame parse message exception (66 bytes unread, last opcode is 4...
  3. margoh

    Solved Object Builder

    Hello, Sorry if the post is in wrong section. I have problem with Object Builder, when I change the DEFAULT_SIZE to 64px and mostly everything where value is 32px, save and press F11, the OB is loading properly but still sprite size is 32px. What can I do to change it to 64px? All the best, margoh
  4. margoh

    [Bug] Minimap | FullView MiniMap

    Hello there I have problems with minimap and full view minimap. The problem with minimap is that cross and flags are visible outside of the box: The second problem is when map is toggled to fullscreen view. If we move minimap to the right it will disappear: Any ideas on how to fix that?
  5. margoh

    [Tutorial] Single server and protocol

    Hello, As I saw that people have a lot of trouble on setting single server and protocol to their client, I have decided to make that super short and super easy tutorial. Open client_entergame/entergame.lua In this file we need to find function EnterGame.init() (line 103) and add this after...
  6. margoh


    Author: @margoh. Description: New improved Shop for Tibia/Custom servers. It allows player to purchase items with premium points/tokens. Screens: How to use: 1. Drag & drop content of the zip file to main folder of OTC. 2. Go to folder store_module and open file configs.lua 3. Change...
  7. margoh

    [Module] game_shop

    Hello, here is the module for shop. This is how it looks: I have made only one image for Tabs and one for buttons, if you want more do it yourself. It's using command, example (in shop.lua): function buyAssassin() if acceptWindow then return true end local acceptFunc =...
  8. margoh

    Problem with opcode

    Hello, I'm trying to get to work 'my' opcode, but it seems not working. I have added in my module this: function onVocationChange(player, opcode, buffer) local msg = InputMessage.create() msg:setBuffer(buffer) local player = g_game.getLocalPlayer() if not player then return end local...
  9. margoh

    [Height]Bottom panel

    Hello, I'm trying to set min-height for my bottom panel, but... It's not working. Tried to do that in console.otui, gameiterface.otui, but I still can't get this to work :/ Has someone any ideas of how to do this? Also how to make it not resizable below that min-height value? Thanks in...
  10. margoh

    [Question] Animation

    Hello, I wonder to know, how to make Animation using otui styling. Is there way to make it like on CSS or we have to make gif animation and load it to module? Greetings, Margoh.
  11. margoh

    [Bug] OTC and TFS 1.0

    Hello, I have compiled TFS 1.0 and changed client version in definitions.h (min 972 max 981). After opening otc entering on char I have black screen. How to fix it? In console i have this error: ERROR: Unable to send extended opcode 1, extended opcodes are not enabled ERROR: ProtocolGame...
  12. margoh

    [Znote AAC] Improved Character Profile

    Hello Znote users! I want to share with you some simple edition of character profile. Here is how it looks: Replece the code of your characterprofile.php with this: http://pastebin.com/ud3B8znN All the best, margoh.
  13. margoh

    [Question] Hits.

    Hello, Where i can edit hit display in sources? Because I don't want them to make bundle. I want to see each hit. Thanks in advance, Margoh.
  14. margoh

    [Tibia 8.54] Erased Tibia.dat.

    Hello, I'm looking for erased Tibia.dat file for 8.54. By erased I mean NO Items, NO Creatures, NO Effects and NO Shots. If someone have erased dat file, please share it :) Or tell me how to do it :D Ofc, Repp++ for help. P.s. Don't atk me why I need it. Just need xd. Thanks in...
  15. margoh

    [8.54][TFS 0.3.6pl1][Problem] TV/Cam system.

    Hello, I have cam/tv system for tibia version 8.54. The problem is, when I try to record (i have changed item id to book) text window, where I have to put name of channel, appears. But when I enter the name of channel and press ok, nothing happens, it's not opening new channel with name that...
  16. margoh

    Graphic Display

    Hello, I don't know if it is a good forum, if not, I'm sorry xd How to change displaying of graphics? In this way: Is it possible? If is, how to do it? (I don't want to do it with offsets, is it possible to make displaying like this when all the graphs have offset 0x0?) Best...
  17. margoh

    [8.54][TFS 0.3.6pl1] Soul Eater :d

    Hello, I need a script: Tibia version: 8.54 Script about: After x second 1pts of soul is eaten. Details: From 1-20 - 1pts of soul is eaten after 6sec, from 21-40 - 1pts of soul is eaten after 5sec, from 41-60 - 1pts of soul is eaten after 4sec, from 61-80 - 1pts of soul is eaten after 3sec...
  18. margoh


    Hello, Is it possible to make rank images (for players with acces 1,2 etc) over our character name? Best regards, margoh.
  19. margoh

    [8.54][TFS 0.3.6pl1] onLook.

    Hello, Today i tried to make some script. How it should works? If we take action look on some player it should show: You see Test. He is a sorcerer. But if we have item X in backpack or on some slot: ammo/hand, it should shows: You see Test. He is a sorcerer. and under this: Level...
  20. margoh

    [8.54][TFS 0.3.6pl1] Skulls.

    Hello, Straight to the point. I want to change functionallity of skulls. White Skull, Red Skull, Green Skull, Black Skull - no changes. Orange Skull - I want to change it, when player attack other player who has red skull, he should get Orange Skull (tried to do it in c++, but when trying...