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    Lua on look

    loyaltyStorage = 14960 titles = { [1] = "Scout", [2] = "Sentinel", [3] = "Steward", [4] = "Warden", [5] = "Squire", [6] = "Warrior", [7] = "Keeper", [8] = "Guardian", [9] = "Sage", [10] = "Savant of Tibia", [11] = "Enlightened of Tibia" } function...
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    RevScripts anti mc

    function dadadada.onLogin(player) local playerId = player:getId() local playersOnline = Game.getPlayers() for _, pid in pairs(playersOnline) do local pip = getPlayerIp(pid) if cid ~= pid and getPlayerIp(cid) == pip and not isInArray(config.ignoreIps...
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    RevScripts check fromPosition - toPosition

    positionsArena = { fromPosition = Position(1549, 994, 7), toPosition = Position(1579, 1020, 7) }, local CastlePrepareDeath = CreatureEvent('CastlePrepareDeath') function CastlePrepareDeath.onPrepareDeath(player, killer)...
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    C++ kickAfterMinutes

    if (!getTile()->hasFlag(TILESTATE_NOLOGOUT) && !isAccessPlayer() && !isExerciseTraining()) { idleTime += interval; const int32_t kickAfterMinutes = g_configManager().getNumber(KICK_AFTER_MINUTES); if (idleTime > (kickAfterMinutes * 60000) + 60000) {...
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    RevScripts alphabetical order

    for i, town in ipairs(Game.getTowns()) do if not table.contains(blockedCitys, town:getName():lower()) then local name = string.format("%s", town:getName()) local choice = window:addChoice(name) how could i make him pull the cities in alphabetical order I...
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    C++ passes inside item

    ReturnValue Tile::queryAdd(int32_t, const Thing& thing, uint32_t, uint32_t tileFlags, Creature*) const { if (const Creature* creature = thing.getCreature()) { if (hasBitSet(FLAG_NOLIMIT, tileFlags)) { return RETURNVALUE_NOERROR; } if...
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    RevScripts check outfit + achievement

    I'm trying to make a script that if the player has the outfit X wins the achievement Y the problem I want to do this for all outfits if player:hasOutfit(929, 2) and player:hasOutfit(931, 2) then player:addAchievement('Reason to Celebrate') how could I do this to make several else =c
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    TFS 1.X+ war

    local minPlayersOnline = 1 local minLevel = 100 local function hasMinimumMembersInGuild(guild) local membersOnline = guild:getMembersOnline() local total = 0 for _, member in ipairs(membersOnline) do if member:getLevel() >= minLevel then total = total + 1...
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    RevScripts (a nil value)

    spell function wall(creature, tile) local pos = creature:getPosition() local playerGuild = creature:getGuild() local playerGuildName = playerGuild:getName() if guildIsInWar(playerGuildName) then print(ok) else prin(nook) end end the problem I'm having is...
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    C++ Guild Wars -- check

    GuildEmblems_t Player::getGuildEmblem(const Player* player) const { if (!player) { return GUILDEMBLEM_NONE; } const Guild* playerGuild = player->getGuild(); if (!playerGuild) { return GUILDEMBLEM_NONE; } if (player->getGuildWarVector().empty()) {...
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    TFS 1.X+ check monster

    https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/blob/main/data/lib/quests/bigfoot_burden.lua I have a problem with this script (lib) is creating duplicate boss
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    RevScripts check msql

    in the players table of the database there is a column called top_pontos I would like to check it to work only with the top 3 points but I have no idea
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    RevScripts stone skin amulet

    I have a problem when the player has the amulet equipped and uses a 'wand' when the monster is hit example of a wand of inferno the player's amulet is used
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    C++ onKilledCreature

    bool Player::onKilledCreature(Creature* target, bool lastHit/* = true*/) { bool unjustified = false; if (hasFlag(PlayerFlag_NotGenerateLoot)) { target->setDropLoot(false); } Creature::onKilledCreature(target, lastHit); if (Player* targetPlayer =...
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    RevScripts check pt

    onDeath(creature, corpse, killer, mostDamage, unjustified, mostDamage_unjustified) if not creature:isMonster() or creature:getMaster() then return true end if not corpse or type(corpse) ~= 'userdata' or not corpse:isContainer() or creature:getType():isRewardBoss()...
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    RevScripts skills %

    If the player has X storage, he will have X% more skills
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    C++ unique active player

    "This attribute is supposed to return the number of unique active players on a server. So returned XML looks like: <players online="344" unique="144" max="1500" peak="1501"/>" Xin is asking that if they have this 'unique' tag anyone would have any idea how to create it or an example bump bump
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    RevScripts random time

    local raids = { -- Weekly --Segunda-Feira ['Monday'] = { ['06:00'] = {raidName = 'RatsThais'}, }, --Terça-Feira ['Tuesday'] = { ['16:00'] = {raidName = 'Midnight Panther'} }, --Quarta-Feira ['Wednesday'] = { ['12:00'] = {raidName =...
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    TFS 1.X+ erro check slot item

    Lua Script Error: [Spell Interface] data/spells/scripts/attack/berserk.lua:onCastSpell data/spells/scripts/attack/berserk.lua:21: attempt to call method 'getSlotItem' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getSlotItem' data/spells/scripts/attack/berserk.lua:21: in function...
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    C++ addBestiaryKill

    I would like to put an option to put bestiary 3x void IOBestiary::addBestiaryKill(Player* player, MonsterType* mtype, uint32_t amount /*= 1*/) { uint16_t raceid = mtype->info.raceid; if (raceid == 0 || !player || !mtype) { return; } uint32_t curCount =...