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  1. Damon

    Titan Quest free to keep forever on Steam until 23rd of September

    Just saw this on Steam. Reminds me of Oldschool Diablo 1/2 kind-of gameplay with the theme being ancient greece (mythology). There apparently also is online coop/multiplayer up to 6 players and you can create own maps/levels for others to play through afaik...
  2. Damon

    Happy Birthday to my boy Peroxide!

    Happy Birthday @Peroxide ! Have a good one :) Stay safe! Love you <3
  3. Damon

    Free Devtools + Awesome selfhosted solutions

    If you are a Developer like me, these 3 links will save you oh so much time. I make sure to check them several time during almost any of my projects: Free Dev Tools: https://free-for.dev/ Awesome selfhosted solutions for literally any purpose...
  4. Damon

    Gunzodus Team

    Hello everyone, decided to play some rl OTS again and gonna start on Gunzodus.net tomorrow around 20:00 german time and gonna play for 4-6h straight I guess^^ Will also make a life thread again with nice screenshots :D Also gonna play manually (no bot), although botting is allowed iirc. If you...
  5. Damon

    The LINYE (Linux Is Not Your Enemy) Q&A Thread - Ask away

    Having observed the years of change on Otland and OT in general, Linux has become more and more important as an efficient solution for OTS. What also seems to be the case though is that many people still seem to be "afraid" or hesitant to use Linux. I've been the same back then. I've only...
  6. Damon

    [Autoinstaller] Compiles TFS + LAMP Stack + Dummy MySQL Database+User for Ubuntu (tested with 18.04 LTS 64bit)

    Difficulty: Basic command line knowledge is required/recommended. Tested on: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 64bit This little bash script will automatically install a LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ), compile latest TFS version and create a Dummy MySQL User and Database (also imports schema.sql to...
  7. Damon

    Ympkit - Damon's Multi-purpose Server Management Kit

    I created this server management script inspired by CentMinMod and VPSSIM but since I'm not a fan of CentOS and VPSSIM was kinda dated&bloated I decided to roll my own (technically most scripts of Ympkit would be compatible with centos/ubuntu/debian). It's meant to ease my own (and others')...
  8. Damon

    A simple approach to writing a python Bot (for any game/task)

    Not sure if this is actually of interest to some people here but this video shows you (very straight forward) how writing a (simple) game bot (e.g. Tibia) could work. I found this recently as I wanted to automate some things for a browsergame and was interested in finding out how I could...
  9. Damon

    Nice VPS Deal (not necessarily for OTS): 8 vCores, 32GB ECC RAM, 100GB SSD, 2TB Traffic, Amsterdam location for 15,99$/month

    Some nice offer of a provider in another forum I am in. I am not affiliated with this provider/hosting in any way. The provider has been around for a while and should be stable. Due to the nature of VPS expect some overselling. Single Thread Rating: 1143 (that's why I said might not be best...
  10. Damon

    New EU Copyright directive

    Also makes forum owners (of sites older than 3 years) directly liable for user uploaded content. Before you could still blame it on the user and remove. This included but is not limited to images/videos/music/files/sprites etc. Anyway apparently EU countries have 2 years to apply this to...
  11. Damon

    Otland Android App

    Just in case someone is interested I've created myself an Otland App for my Android phone (for convenience). Looks like this: If anyone wants the apk and @Don Daniello or anyone from staff approves I can share it. I did not code the app though but used a free tool for it which at some point...
  12. Damon

    Happy Birthday to me ;)

    It's my birthday guys :P Time to partey!
  13. Damon

    Happy Birthday to me xD

    Turned 20 daaamn.. getting old :O Jk^^ 1 more year and I will go to Vegas baby :D
  14. Damon

    1 TB Free Cloud Storage

    Just in case someone is interested :) TransIP offer a free 1TB Cloud Storage Stack upon invite atm^^ Afaik it is powered by OwnCloud so it syncs with the OwnCloud iOS/Android apps aswell. https://www.transip.nl/stack/
  15. Damon

    Why is Zalando Ads at Otland lol?

    Never seen any Zalando Ads here yet my browser "Adblock" tells me there is a Zalando Ad when I go to Advertisments. Maybe a false positive or a user sig I guess?
  16. Damon

    Gaming Otlands Finest - Real Tibia Team on Verlana

    Playing on Verlana :) Feel free to post if you are also playing on Verlana^^ Discord: https://discord.gg/Mj4Dm3S
  17. Damon

    So who is gonna start on the new OpenPvP world (Verlana)?

    Heya, Me and some friends will be starting on the new EU WORLD OpenPvP world announced for November 22nd . Anyone else interested to join? Discord: https://discord.gg/Mj4Dm3S @HalfAway @Deepling @Heon @LordVissie @Tarek1337 @dusieqq @Iikki @Fred Beron @Shemoz
  18. Damon

    Where can I watch Black Sails?

    I know there are various streamsites out there but aside from anime sites I dont know the HQ sites for regular series. So yeah, any ideas where to? Looking to stream not dl. Best one I found is Watch-Series-TV.
  19. Damon

    [8.60] FunEvo v2015 by Damon

    Heya there, Currently getting rid of basicly all my OpenTibia related stuff I can still find. Purchased (at vapus) & edited this one a long time ago. Hosted it for a very short time and then just keept on fixing some stuff. I don't even remember all the features but from what I remember there...
  20. Damon

    Happy Birthday @Blackstone @Mycos

    Happy Birthday to my Boy @Blackstone @MycOs :D Have a good One!