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    Solved (Canary,TFS 1.3 )What use to open and edit there items?? appearances.dat

    You can use Arch-mina assets editor: Tools - OpenTibiaBR (https://majestyotbr.gitbook.io/opentibiabr/others/downloads/tools#assets-editor) In this gitbook you can also find other useful tutorials and downloads for canary.
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    Help at Complie Canary

    Canary - OpenTibiaBR (https://majestyotbr.gitbook.io/opentibiabr/projects/canary) all the tutorials you need you can find here
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    Otland a forum for open tibia or for the forgotten server?

    But can't you understand that we call users to our discord because here you keep talking these sh*t? You say, every time, it's a crash, so it may be on otbr. It's a bug? probably otbr, just go to their discord. Of course we will take this conversation far from people like you. Just understand...
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    Linux Canary server - console logs to fix

    And that's exactly why we recommend this, to avoid this bullshit talk you do everytime
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    Cast a spell while standing by the stairs

    Just tested in No-Pvp worlds, and in Open PVP worlds, the shoot effect is visible, but a message says: not enough room, and the charge is not removed., when throwing a magic wall.
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    Cast a spell while standing by the stairs

    That's correct, the Magic wall is not created, and the charge of the rune is not removed. You have any Idea How to not remove the charge of the rune?