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  1. Stellow

    [Infrastructure and Automation] Private Tibia Server Consultancy

    Hello all! Introduction I would like to continue (with slight differences) the consulting service I have started in 2016 (Programmer - [Tibia, Websites, Mobile Apps, Marketing] Looking to take your project to a new standard...
  2. Stellow

    Hosting a server in the Cloud (AWS)

    Hello guys, I have recently posted an article on my experiences hosting a TFS 1.2 on AWS. It does not go into much detail, with respect to the knowledge that you have on custom Tibia servers, however, it is a nice starting point. I am happy to share my experiences with you, and welcome any...
  3. Stellow

    Segmentation Fault on TFS 1.2

    Using TFS 1.2 (Nostalrius), a segmentation fault can occur on the market line: Player::~Player() { for (Item* item : inventory) { if (item) { item->setParent(nullptr); <-- HERE! item->decrementReferenceCounter(); } } What I don't understand, is...
  4. Stellow

    Mapper Looking for a mapper to expand our 7.4 server with hunts from newer Tibia versions

    Basically we are looking for a mapper who can expand our current 7.4 Global Map. What we need for example: The Dragon's expansion from Ankrahmun The Darashia's North cave of Dragon (close to the Mino respawn) DL's POI Banuta all the floors etc. We use Nostalrius as a base. So need to keep in...
  5. Stellow

    Compiling GDB not loading symbols

    Hello, basically I am trying to debug a core dump, but somehow symbols are not visible. I ensure the exe is compiled with -g: add_compile_options(-Wall -pipe -fvisibility=hidden -g) For help, type "help". Type "apropos word" to search for commands related to "word"... Reading symbols from...
  6. Stellow

    [Brazil][7.4] Patela Server - 15ms ping for Brazilian Players!

    This is a simple but serious Brazilian Server, hosted in Brazil. It focus the Brazilian community, since the host is located in Sao Paulo. 7.4 Full Medium Rates Fast Respawn Auto-loot Automatic Tasks Cast System Party Shared Experience Offline Trade Offline Training Guild Wars No pay-to-win...
  7. Stellow

    Mapper Hiring mapper to map POI on the Nostalrius Map - Scripts not necessary

    Hiring someone to map out the POI on the Nostalrius map. A bit tough because it uses different ID's! The scripts are not necessary, only the mapping part! You can ask some fair prices here.
  8. Stellow

    Feature [Nostalrius 7.7] Guild War

    Hello *, this set of scripts provides a War System for Nostalrius 7.7. Features: broadcast messages on the guild channel (killing, deaths, war status) green skull for enemies configure limit of frags no unjustified kill upon enemy killing cancel, reject war invitation create armistice with...
  9. Stellow

    Single-Page Tibia Application - React & Material UI

    Hello *, This is an open source project under construction. Currently, only Account Management (Login/Register/Create Character/Edit Character/Change Password) and basic functionality (Highscore/News/Search Character) are working. It supports multi-language configuration, which is really easy...
  10. Stellow

    Any tips for debugging the Tibia Client?

    My client currently crashes due to an exception. But since I do not have the client sources, it is hard to understand why just by looking at the server sources. Any tips on how to track what in the source is throwing? So far happens when I am exploring the map. Specially when the map is...
  11. Stellow

    [7.4] D2 Server with automated infrastructure setup, compilation and provisioning. Deploy all with few clicks

    Hi *, Follows the repository of the D2 Server. It is based on OTHire 0.0.2. Some features include: full 7.4 features cast tasks guild war expanded real map, including Yalahar market conjured runes hunted system [external repository] mobile app This project automates the setup of your...
  12. Stellow

    Basic LUA template for state driven scripts

    If you like to store data while executing an event, you may store these data inside a global table which can or most likely will not make it available for different branches of scripting (creature scripts/movements/actions...). The best way that I have found to accomplish this is to create a...
  13. Stellow

    Garuna War | Capture the Flag Online Multiplayer Game | PC, Tablets, Mobile

    I will drop couple pictures here and later will enhance this topic with further information. The game is in progress to be deployed to mobile. The goal is to capture the flag in another base and come back to yours. You will be able to dodge bazooka grenades, interact with the map, avoid your...
  14. Stellow

    People from Poland... I wish to do masters in Poland, any comments, tips?

    I am about to finish my undergrad and to start a master's program in Poland. How is it there? Any comment about the education, the cities, the people?
  15. Stellow

    Watch out for scammer my friends! www.vikingtibia.com.br

    I hope a picture translates what am I trying to say here. @viking thief. Now I ask the administrator, because there is nothing I can do to punish this fucker. Is this the kind of person that deserves to be on the community? What about otservlist owner, is it right for him to be exposing his...
  16. Stellow

    Looking for someone to convert map from 8.60 to 7.72

    I am looking for someone convert few pieces of map to run on a client 7.7 without any special editions on the client. Basically, is to remove the tiles and items that the client does not support, and replacing it with existent like items. Skype or inbox to talk about prices and job further...
  17. Stellow

    Linux gdb core reading problem

    Looks like core cannot locate the last caller, any ideas how can I track a server crash? [New LWP 9584] [New LWP 9583] [New LWP 9585] [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled] Using host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libthread_db.so.1". Core was generated by `./otserv'...
  18. Stellow

    [C++] Monitoring execution time of LUA scripts and avoiding freezes

    Hello guys, for months I was facing some problem with one of my client's server, on which it would simply freezes without any abomination on bandwidth. I knew that I had peeks on main memory, but still could not locate what was causing it. Was it some distro configuration that I have implemented...
  19. Stellow

    Linux Peeks of Memory RAM on Server Running

    I have noticed that few times server freezes. I check for the network history to see peeks of incoming packages, everything normal. Which it suggests that the problem may be during a processing on any part of the server. Do you server owners and creators, have any tips to localize areas in the...
  20. Stellow

    Feature Reborn System | Reset level, increase power, set exclusive items, spells, houses, web and more!

    This is a reborn system, on which player reaches level X and then goes back to level 8, you choose how and what status will be available. This system was designed to TFS 1.2, but can be adapted to any version, the only difference is maybe a function name. Comment if you have problem adapting...