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  1. Nerglexo

    Hoster [Eagle Eye] NextGen Gaming: Hosting Service

    HOSTING SERVICE Eagle Eye: The Secure OS I'm here to offer an opportunity for players who might not know anything about hosting from dedicated servers or have any knowledge what so ever about OpenTibia Hosting. I've been hosting, mapping, scripting tons of different servers during my years, as...
  2. Nerglexo

    Mapper [10.98+] NextGen Gaming presents: Free Mapping Service

    "We're the Next Generation of Gaming and since the founder Nerglexo is currently into OpenTibia then we don't need to say no more. NextGen Gaming is a group of Swedish friends who play multiple games, usually not even the same one but we've a experienced OpenTibia player, Nerglexo as a...
  3. Nerglexo

    Lua 2 problems: Quest & NPC

    I've 2 problems with the server I'm making, it's 10.76 (TFS 1.x) 1. How do I do a quest? Since when I tried you can open the "chest" and see all the items, it doesn't be like "You have found a knight armor." 2. NPC problem, how do I do so the NPC can respond/understand 2 different words? Like...
  4. Nerglexo

    Error while saving player

    I just updated my server from 10.76 to client 10.80 but I get this error everytime I relog: "Error while saving player" Anyone?
  5. Nerglexo


    Hey, Nevermind, I'm too tired, delete thread or something. /Unclehox
  6. Nerglexo

    Solved Quest Log

    Greetings OTLand, Since I'm not a good scripter at all, I've a problem and can't find out how to make it. How do I do if I want my Quest Log to update with quests you take? I've tried to accept quests but nothing in the Quest Log updates. I don't know what files or anything to look in so I'm...
  7. Nerglexo

    Gaming My Irmada Lifethread

    Welcome to My Irmada Lifethread I'll show you screenshots from my characters on the Real Tibia world Irmada. The Elder Druid The Elite Knight (pictures coming) Updated stats: 2015-07-30
  8. Nerglexo

    Barclays Premier League 2015/16 - Top 5 Discussion

    Barclays Premier League 2015/16 Top 5 Discussion What teams do you think will be the Top 5 in the Barclays Premier League? This will be my guess: 1. Manchester United 2. Chelsea 3. Manchester City 4. Arsenal 5. Liverpool Now tell me what you think about the coming season and your Top 5.
  9. Nerglexo

    Solved NPC problems

    I've a problem with my NPCs, I want them to only talk in Private but when I say "hi" they replay in both default and private chat and same when I say "bye". How can I fix this? /Remmacs SOLVED
  10. Nerglexo

    [Masiyah] Arpas' Lifethread

    Welcome to Arpas' Lifethread in Masiyah! I'll show you screenshots from all the different characters from time to time. 01# Level 302 - Lord Arpas Explanation of Items Godly Helmet Arm:13, club fighting +5, sword fighting +5, axe fighting +5, distance fighting +5, protection all +4%...
  11. Nerglexo

    Solved Mystic flame teleport

    I'm in need of your help OtLand, as I'm searching for a script, how to make mystic flame into a teleport value. I know it's something with the action id. I'm totally new with the lua part so I would love to get some help. Thanks for your support, Advanced.
  12. Nerglexo

    Solved House error (Website)

    PROBLEM SOLVED Thanks to @WibbenZ When I submit this to check the houses in my town "Artemis Town" like this: (Same error if I choose Status "rented") This error appears: But when I choose "auctioned" then it works properly. How to fix this error? I mean, I like to see rented and all...
  13. Nerglexo

    Setup website

    Hello there again! I've been searching alot for tutorials, but I can't find anything about "how you install website at DDG". Does anyone know how to get the website going? (Using Gesior ACC 0.3.6) As I said, It's my first time I'm doing this so sorry for my "non skills". Best regards, Remmacs
  14. Nerglexo

    Can't get it started

    Dear OTLand, I've tried to make this work for many days now, but still can't find out what's the problem. I'm new at this so it's not a surprise for me tho. I bought host from DDG Hosting Service, I uploaded everything right as README describes. But when I'm launching the server, it ends up...
  15. Nerglexo

    Windows MySQL Database Error

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Hello folks of OtLand. I've a little problem, everything went well while putting up my own server until I should look up the password/account number for the login (GM). When I press "accounts" or w/e like this: Then this ERROR turns up, what is the problem? I can't access...
  16. Nerglexo

    Schalke 04 - Valencia (Champions League - March 09)

    Schalke - Valencia; The first half of the match has been proceeded, what do you think about the game? I think Valencia will win this game, what team do you think?
  17. Nerglexo

    Tottenham Hotspurs - AC Milan (Champions League - March 09)

    Tottenham - Milan; The first half of the match has been proceeded, what do you think about the game? I think Milan will win this game, what team do you think?
  18. Nerglexo

    Shakhtar Donetsk v. AS Roma (Champions League - March 08)

    Who will win the match tonight? I will say, Roma but Donetsk won easy at Rom and even if they lose they will be in the next step in Champions League.
  19. Nerglexo

    Barcelona v. Arsenal (Champions League - March 08)

    Who will win the match tonight? - I'm saying.. Barcelona will win.
  20. Nerglexo

    Chelsea v. Manchester United (01/03/2011)

    It's the big game tomorrow between Chelsea and Manchester United. - Who will win this? Motivate. (If you ask me, Manchester will take this one)